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A/P and A/R buckets

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  • Hi,

    Is there a way to configure more than 4 buckets for the A/P and A/R Excel templates?

    Thank you

  • Answered

    Because of the nature of how Intuit exposes the data - we don't in regular Excel using the Add-In.

    The regular Excel examples reflect the extraction of how A/R is setup in QB - so whatever day "buckets" you have in QuickBooks will show up in the default QQube reports.

    However, if you used DAX language in Power Pivot or Power BI, or create custom measures in Access or Crystal Reports, there are three fields that would help you accomplish what you want.

    1. In the vf_OPENAR FACT table there is a field called "OpenAR Line Open A/R Amount"
    2. In the vdf_OPENAR_DOC_ATTRIB DIMENSION table (Called Document Attributes), you have options:
      1. OpenAR Document Days Aged Past Txn Date
      2. OpenAR Document Days Aged Past Due date

    Given a combination of either 1 and 2.a or 1 and 2.b you could create whatever buckets you would like.

    If you are not familiar with the Excel Power Pivot / Power BI DAX language, we have QQube Certified Solution Providers who can assist.



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