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QQube Delivers QuickBooks Reporting to Microsoft Access

QuickBooks and Access

It's Easy - Just Open Up an Example and Get Started

Microsoft Access shows out-of-the box inventory query


Microsoft Access schema using QuickBooks report data
Microsoft Access shows QuickBooks report schema using QQube out-of-the-box starter example

QQube Saves You Time and Money


QuickBooks to QQube to Access


  • Reduce by 80% the time it takes to get started using raw connectors.
  • No need to spend days or weeks on reverse engineering data sources and mapping documents.
  • Never start from scratch - just open a data model example and choose your fields.
  • Take advantage of your Access investment and skills.
  • Includes measures and field combinations not found in QuickBooks reports.
  • Power users have access to schema details for advanced modeling.
  • Tiered pricing for Multiple QB companies.

Microsoft Access Report Examples from QQube To Get You Started

Microsoft Access examples from the QQube Configuration Tool
QQube Configuration Tool containing out-of-the-box Microsoft Access examples for QuickBooks

QQube Delivers Answers to your Business Questions


  • Generate financial statements, including QuickBooks P&L, Balance Sheet, Side by Side Trial Balance Activity or Statement of Cash Flows and more.
  • QuickBooks detail data models include Sales, Customers and Receivables, Vendors and Payables, Job Costing, Payroll, Inventory, General Ledger Detail, and Audit Trail.
  • QQube detail data models contain line level details and all custom fields.
  • 52/53 Tax Year for Profit and Loss and all detail data models.
  • Posting, non-posting, and linked transactions


QQube is an Engine - Not a Connector


  • QQube consists of 40 QuickBooks data models with over 7,000 available fields.
  • Contains dozens of measures and field combinations not available in QuickBooks.
  • Saves weeks or months of reverse engineering data sources, and the nuances of how QuickBooks works underneath the hood.
  • Multi-Company Aggregation and Filtering for any subject area using the affordable QQube Multi-Company Add-On.
  • Home and foreign currencies shown in all detail data models.

QQube Makes It Easy to use Access with QuickBooks

Quick answers from your QuickBooks information