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QQube Self Help or Paid Training Options

QQube Training

QQube does 80% of the work, but...

QQube™ does the all of the heavy lifting, and eliminates the need for costly development from reverse engineering raw data.

But the "last mile" of creating reports requires three things:

  • Understanding data entry procedures and standard accounting practices used in QuickBooks
  • Basic knowledge about how fields in QQube matchup with QuickBooks
  • Skill sets in Excel Pivot Tables, DAX Language in PowerPivot and PowerBI, using Crystal Reports, or report writing with Microsoft Access.

Additionally you may want a report that represents data structures not stored inside of QuickBooks.


Self Help Options

We provide an extensive and detailed library of how-to-guides to give you not only an understanding of how QQube works, but how to use QQube with different applications, such as Excel, Power Pivot, or Crystal Reports.

We also have a list of topics that are applicable to first-time users regardless of skill or knowledge.

This section for Advanced Users and Power BI Developers contains:

We provide instruction in relation to performing basic tasks, and manipulating the QQube components.  For advanced training please visit the respective application's website, or public forums, e.g. Microsoft, SAP, Tableau.


QQube can be better with a Certified Solution Provider

Our QQube Certified Solution Providers are not only experts in the use of QQube technology, but are long standing QuickBooks experts and Pro Advisors - well known in the Intuit Community. In the course of their hands-on experiences with their QuickBooks clients, they literally own the phrase "think around the box".

  • A quick hour or two of hands-on training allows you to get up to speed quicker.
  • You can seek their advice about data entry procedures to get around some of the things that QuickBooks doesn't do underneath the hood, or are necessary because of the current way you are utilizing QuickBooks.


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