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Advanced Visualization

 QQube™ Data Warehouse Powers Even the Most Sophisticated Tools


QQube™ Delivers QuickBooks to Tableau


  • Take advantage of your Tableau investment and skill set.
  • Examples for each analytic area to get you started.
  • No need to link tables, or reverse engineer data relationships.
  • Open, then drag and drop fields from the pre-configured QQube palette.
  • Power users have access to schema details for advanced modeling.


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QuickBooks to QQube to Tableau

 QQube™ Examples To Get You Started

QQube Configuration Tool

Tableau Features

  • Create interactive dashboards from multiple sources.
  • Best practices for design and color are built into your work flow.
  • Drag reference lines and forecasts and see statistical summaries of your data.
  • Split columns into multiple fields, of combine them to create group subsets.

Benefits with QQube™

  • Over 4,750 pre-formulated fields and 1,500 measures.
  • Never start from scratch.
  • Eliminate days or weeks of reverse engineering  the QuickBooks schema.
  • Aggregate multiple company files using the QQube Multi-Company Add-On.


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