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Quickbooks Custom Reports

Thousands of reports later...

Our founder Chuck Vigeant, M.Ed. created the concepts for QuickBooks custom reporting as it is known today, having developed thousands in the last decade plus. He is still considered the foremost authority on custom QuickBooks reports, business analytics data extraction, and the actual QuickBooks database.  

Respectfully known as the grandfather of SAP Crystal Reports for QuickBooks having created the ability for those two applications to work together, he is also the only accounting technology professional ever contracted by Intuit to work IN the actual database.

He has now passed-on his legacy by seeking out the best and brightest in the Intuit Community to carry on that tradition as Certified QQube Solution Providers.  And he is still personally involved in their training - there are so many tricks and tips he has learned over the years.

With regard to custom reports, we know four things to be true:

  • No two reports are alike
  • Traditional methods of creating custom reports with mapping, tables, and relationships - are a thing of the past
  • There is no one tool to create every report or analysis
  • Report writing is just as much an art, as it is a science

Chuck and the engineering team created the QQube data warehouse to enable end users to not only create more of their own solutions, but cut the development time up to 80% for those who need custom solutions and advanced QuickBooks data structure knowledge.

The result is quicker turnaround time, more flexibility in end user options, and cheaper development costs for the consumer.

Financial Analytics

We like to work with accountants or tax professionals who create long involved spreadsheets, which take them hours to complete each month; we can usually cut the time by 90%. We have enhanced G/L, combined forecast/budget/actual, enhanced Trial Balance capabilities - including by class, statement of cash flows, month by month, side by side, and support for 52/53 tax year.

Sales, Customers, and Commissions

Fully paid invoices, gross margin, net margin, item exclusion, sales by shipping state, etc. invoice payment history, A/R by class, Average Days to Pay, Not purchased in the last x days, fill rate etc.

Inventory Forecasting

Going far beyond a QuickBooks stock status report, we are asked to combine specific periods of historical sales and consumption data with current inventory status to better forecast turnover and buying patterns. We also have created nested assembly requirement reports.

Job Costing & WIP

We generally are asked to combine several reports in QuickBooks so clients can see hours and dollars on the same page, or listing both estimated and actual income and costs, remaining committed costs, payroll hours, received revenues, and open Job A/P - in adjacent columns. This report has the widest variety of looks, and in many cases combines almost every element within the QuickBooks file.

Specialty Reports

Pre-Check, lien wavers, financial reports with sales items - every report is a new adventure.  Although we have created thousands of custom QuickBooks reports, very few are generic, because we find that everybody uses their QuickBooks file in a different manner, and everybody views their information in a different fashion.


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QQube Analytics Technology

QQube Analytics Technology

QQube for QuickBooks gives you drag and drop functionality in the reporting tool of your choice. Sales, Finance, Job Costing, Inventory, Payroll, Sales Tax and Audit Trail

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QuickBooks Custom Reports

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