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QQube Delivers QuickBooks Dashboards and Reports to Tableau

Tableau and QuickBooks

Tableau dashboard using QuickBooks report data
Tableau displays QuickBooks dashboard using QQube out-of-the-box starter example

Effortless Tableau Dashboards for QuickBooks


  • Take advantage of your Tableau investment and skill set.
  • No need to link tables, or reverse engineer data relationships.
  • Never start from scratch.
  • Tableau Dashboard examples for each QuickBooks reporting area to get you started.
  • Friendly field names and pre-formatted measures
  • Power users have access to schema details for advanced modeling.


Details and Requirements

QuickBooks to QQube to Tableau

  Tableau Dashboard Examples From QQube™ To Get You Started

Tableau Dashboard examples from the QQube Configuration Tool

QQube Transforms QuickBooks Data for Any Dashboard


  • QQube consists of over 45 QuickBooks Subject Areas with over 7,000 available fields.
  • QQube contains hundreds of measures not available in QuickBooks.
  • Tableau users can create thousands of column combinations not available in QuickBooks.
  • Generate financial statements, including QuickBooks P&L, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance Activity, Statement of Cash Flows and more. Includes hundreds of shortcut columns e.g. current month, previous month, last year month, etc.
  • QuickBooks Subjects include Sales, Customers and Receivables, Vendors and Payables, Job Costing, Payroll, Inventory, General Ledger Detail, Audit Trail, Sales Tax
  • 52/53 Tax Year for Profit and Loss and all detail analytics.
  • Multi-Company Aggregation and Filtering for any subject area using the affordable QQube Multi-Company Add-On.
  • QQube supports QuickBooks Multi-Currency editions showing both home and foreign currencies for detail analytics.


Learn more about QuickBooks dashboards from QQube for Tableau

Tableau Users Save Time and Money with QQube


  • Exponentially more than a raw ODBC connector which require days/weeks/months of study to become proficient.
  • Saves weeks or months of reverse engineering raw tables, relationships, and the nuances of QuickBooks reporting.
  • Built by the two accounting technology architects who have more experience with QuickBooks reporting and data extraction than anybody else in the Intuit Community.
  • Simplicity for end-users. Open an example, and just drag and drop your QuckBooks fields into Tableau.
  • Advanced Tableau and QuickBooks Dashboard Developers benefit from the years of investment we have made, by getting access to our raw schemas and measures.
  • QQube will save up to 80% of any end-user or custom Tableau dashboard project because it eliminates the time it takes to reverse engineer from scratch.
  • Automatically schedule and synch multiple QuickBooks company files.


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QQube™ Delivers QuickBooks Dashboards and Reports