QQube for QuickBooks Self-serve Reporting and Visualization Tools

QuickBooks Analytics and Reporting Tools
Gain Clear Reporting and Visual Business Insights with QQube

QQube Transforms your QuickBooks Information into Answers

QQube Transforms your QuickBooks Information into Answers


Live Data Outside of QuickBooks

QQube extracts the data locally for one or multiple QuickBooks files making your information available via desktop or cloud, even when QB isn't running.

Flexible Business Reporting

Get answers to your business questions without the hassle or expense of custom development. We even give you the DAX calculations for Power BI.

Leverage Existing Applications

QQube contains out-of-the-box data models and examples for Excel, Power Query, PowerPivot, Power BI, Crystal Reports, Access, and Tableau.

Toolsets for Analysis and Visual Reporting

QQube Data Models

QQube Transformation Engine

QQube transforms your QuickBooks information into the insights you want by leveraging existing tool sets such as Excel or Power BI. No dealing with tables, relationships, mapping documents, reverse engineering, connection strings, or custom development.

Learn more about the QQube transformation engine

Excel Analytics Tools

Excel or Power Pivot

Use the included QQube Excel Add-In to drag and drop live information into your spreadsheets, or use the pre-built QQube shells for Excel PowerPivot to analyze line-level detail for inventory, job costing, general ledger, profit and loss detail, purchasing and sales.

Learn more about using Excel with QQube

Learn more about using Power Pivot with QQube

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI

QQube provides over 220 out-of-the-box metrics including an additional 5,700 DAX formulas to stem the learning curve for Microsoft’s flagship data visualization product. Use the Power BI desktop authoring tool or upload into the cloud for access on any device.

Learn more about using Power BI with QQube

Conventional Reporting or Advanced Visualization

SAP Crystal Reports

SAP Crystal Reports

Use the pre-built QQube shells for financial statements, 52/53 tax year reporting, trial balance activity by class, G/L detail, inventory analysis, and job cost reports to exact pinpoint layout, and colorful presentation.

Learn more about using Crystal Reports with QQube



Implement the QQube shells right out of the box to create some of the most stunning visualizations available in the industry, Tableau is a standard bearer of the Gartner "Magic Quadrant" for BI tools.

Learn more about using Tableau with QQube

QuickBooks Subject Areas


Identify your ideal customer, construct customer profiles, analyze buying patterns, cross-selling opportunities and assess customer profitability.

QuickBooks Customer Models


Review the costs to produce and deliver products and services, manage inventory and manufacturing processes, and analyze job and project costs.

QuickBooks Operations Models


Analyze overhead, create compliant financial reports, monitor budgets and forecasts, and build accurate cash flow forecast models.

QuickBooks Financial Models


Monitor timelines and statistics for QuickBooks user data entry, number of changes and individual dollar amount for each change for each transaction.

QuickBooks Audit Trail Models

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