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Price Changes Effective October 10, 2023 | CLEARIFY

Price Changes Effective October 10, 2023

Price Changes Effective October 10, 2023

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Price Increases and Changes

Effective October 10th, 2023 new pricing changes will be in effect, for only the second time in 13 years.  We have reached out to each customer in advance to notify them of the new prices, and new available categories for the multi-company add-on.

We Have Produced What Nobody Else Has

Our customers demand more sophistication and capabilities which require more training, and rewarding the best talent in the Intuit development community.

We have features in QQube which far surpass any development in the QuickBooks world, and our advanced offerings for modern technologies like Microsoft Power BI are unparalleled out-of-the box solutions which have no peer or competition.

Our recent Version 10 implementation earlier this year, took several years to develop, and we made it easy for the average user to use Power BI to view their QuickBooks data - whether on a local desktop, or in the Microsoft cloud.  We consulted with the best in the world (Marco Russo) to develop an out-of-the-box strategy for Power BI calculations, to eliminate the learning curve, and severely slash the costs of any custom projects.

We added over 5,700 of these calculations with dozens of examples.  No other developer has even contemplated such an enormous undertaking. Nobody.  (These same calculations are also available in our Power Pivot examples.)

Yet there are raw connectors in the marketplace who charge much more than we do, with not even 1,000th the capability of our features.  NOTE: raw connectors do not have direct access to the QuickBooks database either - as they must also use the 23 year old Intuit SDK. 

And when is the last time you saw a raw connector add a new feature - other than some field that Intuit decided to make available?  A raw connector implementation is like being asked to build a house with a pile of lumber and nails, and no blueprint.  QQube is the house already built - you just figure out how you want to decorate it.

Our advanced data models for finance, sales, job costing, inventory, and purchasing have no peer, and while the Intuit SDK is old, kludgy, and full of holes, we have managed to create a product that is one of the top 5 most successful QuickBooks Desktop Add-Ons of all time.

We made the difficult - and in some cases impossible - easy, for those users with advanced needs.

Semi-Subscription Remains

Our long standing policy of a semi-subscription remains, to where you own the product when you purchase - with free updates for one year - with an option to renew for another year at 35% of the current retail price.  Therefore the subscription renewal pricing will be scripted according to the new purchase schedule.

We leave the choice to the customer for renewal, knowing that it is risky not to, especially when Intuit makes changes to its SDK, as they did a year ago; and QQube no longer works properly.

Intuit did nothing for almost 5 years prior to 2021, but there is a renewed emphasis on adding features, since QBO Advanced Edition (and its corresponding developer API) are still lacking key features that many have come to expect.

New Multi-Company Add-On Category

We have added a new category for multiple QuickBooks files - between 2 and 50.  The new line up for the multi-company add-on:

  • Up to 3 QuickBoooks company files
  • Up to 10 QuickBoooks company files
  • Up to 50 QuickBoooks company files
  • Up to 100 QuickBoooks company files

For existing customers who originally purchased the Up to 100 QuickBooks company files, can now downgrade to the Up to 50 option, which will reduce their overall price increase.

Price List


Our Commitment

We have never rested on our laurels, and are putting out more updates than ever before - this past year, we had almost one per month - and more coming.

We realize that some of our customers bought QQube for a specific purpose, and may not need any new features. But many of our additions over the years come from customer suggestions or QQube Certified Solution Providers which help us to get better.

Yes QBO is on the horizon, but the sad fact remains, that many of the items we have been used to in the QQube desktop product, are not exposed by Intuit - even after several years of promise.  So yes, we will still develop that product - as lacking as it may be.

But we will not abandon our commitment to making the QQube Desktop Product better with each release.

Chuck Vigeant, M.Ed.

Matt Froncek
Chief Engineer

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