QQube Support Options and Technical Support Policy

Steps to Resolve Issues

Intuit does not give developers direct access to the QuickBooks database; never have, never will.

Instead they provide a somewhat kludgy and quirky 20 year old Software Development Kit (SDK) which controls the specific methods of attaching to QuickBooks and extracting data.

But with a small amount of understanding - it works seamlessly.

First - Follow the Support Guides

95% of customer issues are related to implementation, which includes installation, first time setup and understanding the synch process.  This may be the result of:

  1. Not knowing that our guides exist.
  2. Avoidance because a guide might require time to read.
  3. Liberty taken from our specific instructions in each guide.

Our 475+ step-by-step How-To Guides have been honed over a decade and thousands of customers. There is method to our madness!

Synch Issues? - Review the Error or Submit a Ticket

If you have synch issues, the first thing to do is highlight the log error, and follow the Support Guide it is linked to.  Since there is a finite list of Intuit SDK synch error messages, this should solve 95% of all your issues; there are no surprises.

If you highlight a log, and the resulting link is a guide that appears to be non-specific, then we make it easy to submit a synch log to technical support:

Other Issues? - Create an Account to Login

If you have reviewed the guides and you still have installation, setup (or licensing) issues then you must have an account to be able to communicate with an engineer.

  1. If you purchased QQube you will already have a login account, with your receipt listed as the first ticket under your account.
  2. If you have not purchased, or logged in before, follow the instructions as shown in this section


Once you login you will be able to:

  • Manually submit a ticket
  • ***OR***
  • Use the Orange Instant Messenger to talk directly with CLEARIFY TEAM

REMEMBER: if you are having synch issues, you can send the log and auto submit a ticket without the need to login - see above.

Option A - Manually Submit a Ticket

When submitting a ticket please:

  1. Describe the details of the issue as much as possible.
  2. if it is an installation tell us what type it is, and at what step you are having an issue.
  3. The more specifics you give, the quicker the issue gets solved.
  4. If our engineer(s) think it would be best to login, you can coordinate a time with them in the ticket.

Option B - Use the Instant Messenger

How to use the instant messenger:

  • Use the Orange Colored Messenger in the lower right hand corner.
  • Choose the CLEARIFY TEAM user as other names listed are either customers or Solution Providers.
  • CLEARIFY TEAM Engineers are generally available each weekday between 11:00 and 2:30 central.
  • If CLEARIFY TEAM is not logged in, then engineering is temporarily unavailable.
  • if CLEARIFY TEAM does not immediately respond, your comments will eventually be responded to (and auto e-mailed to you) on the same day.
CLEARIFY Instant Messenger

Other Reasons to Contact Support

There are other reasons you may want to interact with our support engineers:

  • Let us know when you are going to do an install e.g. multi-user, so that we can have an engineer handy in case you get stuck with our How-To Guides.
  • Licensing and Re-Activation.
  • Upgrading, Subscription Renewals, and Component Capabilities.
  • Where to find and understand certain fields needed for your analytics.