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QQube™ Data Warehouse for QuickBooks

QQube Data Warehouse for QuickBooks White Paper

The Complete Solution for QuickBooks Reporting and Visualization

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QQube transforms your QuickBooks information into the answers you need

 without the complexity and headaches.


Hundreds of examples out-of-the-box, leveraging existing tool sets such as Excel, Power BI or Tableau.

No need to deal with tables, relationships, mapping documents, reverse engineering, or connection strings.

Created by founder Chuck Vigeant, M.Ed. who is widely regarded as the most knowledgeable expert on QuickBooks data extraction.

Chief Engineer and database extraction architect, is Matt Froncek, who designed the QODBC Driver included with QuickBooks Enterprise. 



QuickBooks Job Cost Details using QQube with Excel
QuickBooks Job Cost Details using QQube with Excel


QuickBooks Inventory Management Using QQube with Microsoft Power BI
QuickBooks Inventory Management Using QQube with Microsoft Power BI


QuickBooks Financial and Operating Statement Using QQube with Crystal Reports
QuickBooks Financial and Operating Statement Using QQube with Crystal Reports


Target Users


QQube is fully capable of providing drill down reporting as well summary information and let's you leverage tools for traditional reporting or visualization depending upon the audience within the organization.

QQube users fall primarily in the following categories:

  • Those that need a self-serve option for custom reporting and dashboards with drill down detail.
  • Small Business needing a single complex report not available in QuickBooks.
  • Companies with multi-level needs e.g. owner, bookkeeper, inventory manager, sales reps, etc.
  • Organizations who have multiple QuickBooks files.
  • Professionals who provide reporting and analysis services for their clients.
  • Developers and database experts who provide data services but know very little about QuickBooks.
  • Any user who wants their QuickBooks desktop data in the cloud (Using Power BI).

Target Industries


As one of Intuit's largest and most successful 3rd party applications, we have gratefully served all manner and type of business. Here is a list of our most prevalent industry types:

  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Wholesale
  • Retail
  • Professional Services
  • Real Estate
  • Medical/Dental/Health Services
  • Not For Profit
  • Restaurant Operations

How It Works


STEP 1.  QQube establishes a connection to QuickBooks using the Intuit SDK and auto extracts data periodically - or upon demand - into our proprietary Sybase database. This can be one - or dozens of QuickBooks companies.


STEP 2. QQube transforms the raw extracted data into data models that you can connect to using everyday tools such as Excel, Power BI, Crystal Reports, or Tableau. Each data model is organized as a traditional warehouse "Star Schema", where there is one FACT table containing measures, and links to multiple DIMENSIONS e.g. accounts, items, customers, etc.


What Comes with QQube


  • Over 40 Data Models with over 7,000 available fields.
  • Over 250 out-of-the-box starter examples for Excel, PowerPivot, Power BI, Access, Crystal Reports, Tableau.
  • Over 5,600 DAX formulas included for both Power BI and Power Pivot
  • Multiple QuickBooks Company file aggregation for up to 100 company files, with automated – or on demand – synch options.
  • Multi-Currency for USA and CA versions with both home currency and foreign currency measures in the same data model
  • Excel Add-In
    • Drag and drop fields into dynamic lists or pivot tables.
    • Use existing templates or create your own.
    • Formatting options and Presentation Clean-Up for financial statements.
    • Bubble text help for any field, describing intent and possible values.

The QQube Configuration Tool

  • Add, Remove, Change Path of one or more QuickBooks files.
  • Select data models
  • Control the synchronization process
  • Logs to view and fix synch errors
  • Date Setup:
    • Range of data extraction
    • Data Models
    • Calendars
    • Holiday Definitions
  • Database options for IT personnel
  • License information and management.
  • Out-of-the box examples for each data model

The Excel Add-In

QQube Excel Add-In for QuickBooks
QQube Excel Add-In for QuickBooks
  • Select Assistant allows you to drag and drop with the need for knowing tables and relationships.
  • Save your creation as a Template for use in other workbooks or tabs
  • Refresh Options to dictate what happens when you open up a saved QQube worksheet.
  • Financial Statement Formatting and auto-cleanup to ensure your financial statements are presentable.
  • Check your Last Synch Status without having to open up the QQube Configuration Tool
  • Help from our How-To Guides and QQube Certified Solution Providers.

Aggregate Multiple QuickBooks Files - Automatically


QQube is capable of combining dozens of QuickBooks files, allowing you to aggregate or filter any QuickBooks data, including Financial Statements, A/R, A/P, Purchases, Sales, Inventory, or even Job Costing.

A unique side-feature of this capability is that you can see chart of accounts (or any list) for multiple companies, side-by-side.

QQube opens each QuickBooks file programmatically and extracts the data, with options to permanently skip files after they are initially loaded, or even files that have had no activity since the last synch.

Three affordable tiers are available.

Multiple QuickBooks Files with QQube

Customer Metrics


    • Customer Profiles
      • Acquisition Cost
      • Lifetime Value
      • Units or Revenue per transaction
    • Customer Buying Patterns
      • Customer Purchase Frequency
      • Average Days Between Sales
      • Not Purchased in x Days
      • Cross Sell Analysis
    • Sales Analysis
      • Fill Rate
      • Sales Comparisons and Trends
      • Profitability by item or Customer
      • Historical Top Sales Months
      • Geography – City, State, Postal Code, Country
      • Discounts Offered vs Discounts Taken
      • Drill down to Line Sequence Detail
      • All Custom Fields
    • Reps and Commissions
      • Fully Paid
      • Credit Taken
      • Gross or Net Margin per transaction
    • Receivable Analytics
      • By Class, Sales Rep, Territory
      • Average Receivable Days
      • Average Days Past Due vs Average Terms
    • Separate Open SO Subject
      • Includes BOM explosion quantities
      • Line Sequence Number available

Purchasing Analytics


    • Purchasing
      • Purchasing Profiles
      • Item Purchase Rate Analysis
      • Payables Analytics
      • Suggested Discount vs Discount Taken
      • Average Days to Pay
      • Geography – City, State, Postal Code, Country
    • Open Purchase Orders

Inventory Management and BOM Explosion


    • Inventory
      • Inventory Forecasts which combine history and availability
      • Assembly Consumption or sales
      • Bill of Materials (BOM) using Excel Pivot Tables
        • View assembly and sub assembly hierarchy
        • Items need by sub assemblies and main assembly
      • Advanced Inventory
        • Serial/Lot Numbers
        • Sites and Bins
        • U of M Conversion
        • Printed or Base UofM Quantities
      • Analysis and KPI
        • Days out of stock
        • Avg days to sell
        • Inventory Turnover
        • Carrying Cost
        • Rate of investment return
        • Retail Value
        • Profitability

Job Cost, Time, Mileage


    • Job Cost
      • Out of the box reporting and analytics
        • Cost/Revenue to Complete
        • Over/Under
        • Bonded reports
        • WIP
        • AIA Reports
        • Resource Analysis
        • Dozens of Visual Analytics
      • Theoretical vs Actual Billing
        • Rates Billing based upon Price Level, Billing Rate, Item Rate
      • Detail Availability
        • Line Detail
        • View detail of multiple jobs simultaneously
      • Advanced Filtering
        • Job Status, Job Type
        • Active Jobs, Active Estimates
        • Job Rep, Sales Rep

Payroll and Human Resources


    • Complete Payroll Posting and Non-Posting
    • Reporting
      • Payroll Registers
      • Fringe Benefit Reports
      • ACH Payroll Exports
      • Liability Reconciliation
    • Analytics
      • Wage Breakdown
      • Wage and Hour historical comparisons
      • Employee Burden
    • Human Resources
      • Advanced Employee Information
      • Sick/Vacation Info

Financial Statements, General Ledger and Accountant


    • Financial Summary – 36 periods
      • Drag and Drop any combination of Columns with shortcuts for current, previous, YTD, last YTD, last month, % of sales etc.
      • Profit and Loss (and by Class)
      • Balance Sheet (and by Class)
      • Trial Balance Activity with Beginning and Ending Balances (and by Class)
      • Statement of Cash Flows (and by Class)
    • Profit and Loss Enterprise Only – 36 Periods
      • Combine Actuals, Budget AND forecast in the same report
      • Profit and Loss by Job with budget and class
      • 52/53 Tax Year out of the box in Excel with support for 13x4 4-4-5, 4-5-4, 5-4-4.  Follow IRS guidelines
    • Profit and Loss Enterprise Only – 10 Year Freestyle
      • Actual, Budget, AND forecast to the day level
      • Calendar, Fiscal or 52/53 Tax Year
    • General Ledger Detail
      • Enhanced descriptors for linked transactions eg specific labeled lines for over-payments, unapplied-payments, discounts, etc. *
      • Ability to group linked transactions e.g. invoice with payments underneath *
    • KPIs and Trend Analytics
      • Working Capital
      • Current Ratio
      • Control Account Daily Balances
    • Advanced Layout Capabilities using Excel or Crystal
    • Multi-Company consolidated financials

Audit Subjects


  1. Audit Trail
    1. Document Changes by User
    2. Average Document Dollar Change
    3. Time of Day Statistics
QQube and Excel


Start with one of the pre-built Excel sheets, and invoke the QQube Add-In to drag and drop live information into your spreadsheets. Leverage your existing skill set to create dynamic lists, pivot tables, and pivot charts.


QQube and PowerPivot

Excel PowerPivot

QQube provides the Power Query data models and an additional 5,700 DAX formulas to handle larger data sets for sales, inventory, job costing or general ledger which regular Excel is not capable of handling.


QQube and Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI

We make Power BI easy for everybody, by providing the Power Query data models, and an addtional 5,700 DAX formulas to allow a user - or project developer - to get up and running quickly.


QQube and Microsoft Access

Forms and Reports

If you have years of Microsoft Access skills, put them to use, by taking advantage of our out-of-the-box QQube shells for each analytic area. No tables to connect, or engineering to reverse. Just open one of the examples, start with a pre-built query, and create your report.


QQube and SAP Crystal Reports

Conventional Reporting

After 3 decades, SAP Crystal Reports is still the number one desktop tool for conventional reporting with pinpoint layouts, and complex data groupings. Use with QQube for financial statements, 52/53 tax year reporting, inventory analysis, and job cost layouts


QQube and Tableau

Tableau® Dashboards

Tableau provides stunning Quickbooks dashboards, and is a standard bearer of the Gartner "Magic Quadrant" for visualization. Use the pre-built QQube shells to get started without the need to deal with tables, relationships, or mapping documents.


How QQube Stacks Up to Alternatives


  • Intuit offerings require to be logged into QuickBooks and takes weeks/months to learn and reverse engineer:
    • SDK (Software Development Kit)
      • Data extraction is hierarchal XML text - not tables
      • Holes, work arounds, and bugs that will never be fixed.
    • Custom Reporting (more direct connection)
      • Must be logged into QuickBooks
      • Holes such as no advanced inventory
    • Advanced Reporting (more direct connection)
      • Must be logged into QuickBooks.
      • Uses subset of QlikView
  • Raw connectors depend upon SDK to transform XML to make things look like tables; and takes weeks/months to learn and reverse engineer:
    • QODBC Driver (included in Enterprise)
    • CDATA one of hundreds of raw application connectors
    • DOMO is a cloud connector/application requiring data modeling experience
  • Self-Serve 3rd Party Applications depend upon SDK, and provide proprietary front ends.
    • Qvinci (simple financial reporting for large franchise operations)
  • Custom report developers can be expensive
    • Handful of 'one-offs' who advertise for custom reporting
    • May or may not know QuickBooks

What Makes us the #1 Choice


  • We save up to 80% of the time it takes to create any report or dashboard

  • We do what QuickBooks doesn’t

    • Data is live outside of QuickBooks – whether on the desktop or the cloud

    • Hundreds of column combinations that are not available in QuickBooks Reporting, Custom Reporting or Advanced Reporting

    • 52/53 tax year

    • Actual, Budget AND forecast in one report

    • General Ledger linked transactions

    • Side-by-side periods of trial balance activity and statement of cash flows

    • Inventory forecasting with both consumption sales history, including sites, U of M nesting, serial and lot numbers

    • Job costing that combines five or more reports into one

    • Traditional KPI’s and much, much more

  • We have what other offerings don’t

    • No reverse engineering and dealing with raw tables

    • No need for mapping documents, and knowledge of data modeling techniques

    • Leverage every day tools, like Excel, PowerBI, Crystal

    • Hundreds of measures and calculations that take into effect the various ways that people use QuickBooks

    • Granular detail down to the line level

    • Multi-Currency with home currency and foreign currency side-by-side

    • The only tool with out-of-the-box integration with Power BI (220 Metrics, 5,700 additional DAX formulas)

    • Affordable tiered price points for multiple QuickBooks files

  • We infuse knowledge and experience that nobody else has

    • CEO Chuck Vigeant, M.Ed. Is considered the foremost authority on QuickBooks data extraction, was a Pro Advisor with over 400 QB customers, and is the only outside accounting technologist contracted by Intuit to work in the actual database

    • Chief engineer Matt Froncek has actualized the two most successful 3rd party data extraction tools in the Intuit Community

  • We engineer simplicity for end-users who want self-serve options.

  • We provide power for advanced report and project developers who want to work underneath the hood.



  • Single-User - $550.00
  • Multi-User:
    • 5 User - $1,095.00
    • 10 User - $1,950.00


Multi-Company Add-On

  • Up through 3 Companies - $195.00
  • Up through 10 Companies - $495.00
  • Up through 50 Companies - $795.00
  • Unlimited Companies (~100) - $995.00

Semi-subscription model with yearly renewals at approximately 35% of current retail value.

Upgrades and updates included during the yearly subscription periods.


QQube™ Transformation Engine for QuickBooks

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