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QuickBooks Dashboards using Power BI and QQube

QuickBooks and Power BI

Get Up and Running in Minutes

Power BI example using QuickBooks inventory related data
QuickBooks Power BI dashboard using out-of-the-box inventory example from QQube

QQube Saves you Time and Money


QuickBooks to QQube to Microsoft Power BI


  • Reduce by 80% the time it takes to get started using raw connectors.
  • No need to spend days or weeks on reverse engineering data sources and mapping documents.
  • Never start from scratch - just open a data model example and choose your fields.
  • Save thousands of dollars on custom projects.
  • Take advantage of your Power BI investment and skills.
  • Includes measures and field combinations not found in QuickBooks reports.
  • Power users have access to schema details for advanced modeling.
  • Tiered pricing for Multiple QB companies.

Everything is Already Put Together For You

Microsoft Excel examples from the QQube Configuration Tool
Power BI behind the scenes out-of-the box schema for QuickBooks Inventory Management

Power Query Modeling for Advanced Users

Power Query out-of-the box example for the QuickBooks Inventory data model

QuickBooks Information On Any Device

Power BI Desktop Authoring Tool

Create Visualizations on your Desktop

Use the FREE Power BI Desktop tool to create data and report visualizations using QQube - right out of the box

Power BI on Any Mobile Device

Share Your Information in the Cloud

Publish your visualizations using Microsoft's free gateway to create shareable dashboards for browsing, IPads, IPhone or Android devices

QQube Provides Thousands of DAX Measures - So You Don't Have To

Power BI example using QuickBooks inventory related data
Sampling of Measures from the QuickBooks Inventory data model

Power BI Report Examples From QQube To Get You Started

Microsoft Power BI examples from the QQube Configuration Tool
QQube Configuration Tool containing out-of-the-box Power BI examples for QuickBooks

QuickBooks Reports for Power BI from QQube


  • Generate financial statements, including QuickBooks P&L, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance Activity, Side by Side Statement of Cash Flows and more.
  • QuickBooks financial statements from QQube include hundreds of shortcut columns e.g. current month, previous month, last year month, etc.
  • QuickBooks detail analytics include Sales, Customers and Receivables, Vendors and Payables, Job Costing, Payroll, Inventory, General Ledger Detail, Audit Trail, Sales Tax.
  • All QQube detail analytics are line level details including all custom fields.
  • 52/53 Tax Year for Profit and Loss and all detail analytics.


QQube is More Than a Connector


  • QQube consists of over 45 QuickBooks Subject Areas with over 7,000 available fields.
  • QQube contains hundreds of measures and logic not available in QuickBooks.
  • QQube saves weeks or months of reverse engineering raw tables, relationships, and the nuances of QuickBooks reporting.
  • Multi-Company Aggregation and Filtering for any subject area using the affordable QQube Multi-Company Add-On.
  • QQube supports QuickBooks Multi-Currency editions showing both home and foreign currencies for detail analytics.

QQube Makes It Easy to use Power BI with QuickBooks

Self-serve business intelligence solution for QuickBooks