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Effective April 1, 2010 ACCOUNTiGRATE, LP is now known as CLEARIFY®.

In an interview, founder Chuck Vigeant, M.Ed. said: "Since my early days - first, using mainframe accounting technology, and then being involved in the introduction of the PC when programs like Peachtree appeared on the scene - clients have consistently asked for two things: (1) How do I quickly get my data without a rocket science degree? and (2) how do I use it to strategize and make better decisions?"

Chuck continues: "We have spent generations using automation to effect compliance reporting for federal, state and local taxes; business owners then look to their financial advisors, and CPA's for guidance - only after the facts have been compiled and filed."

"But," Chuck adds, "there is one major problem with this historic approach - at least with regards to business management - we get information AFTER it is occurred, which maybe too late."

"In this day and age with vast amounts of data being accumulated in our Accounting, CRM, ERP, and Project Management systems, etc. it becomes increasingly frustrating for our clients to get immediate - on demand - answers that help them make decisions for TODAY, not just find out what happened yesterday".

"This," Chuck says, "is the crux of what we want to provide for our customers; they want CLEAR, easy answers." "Businesses spend a lot of time and effort to install software that will track 'their data' - but in many instances, management data and business strategy is an afterthought. The key is to produce immediate feedback while ALSO ensuring that business processes remain efficient; they are not mutually exclusive."

"So what do you have? software installations that fall short of the mark, application integration projects that take forever, endless spreadsheets, canned reports that do the bare minimum, and tools that require you to know database tables, relationships, or even raw SQL. What business can cope with that mess? No wonder so many business fail within the first five years."

"The result is that data is collected in a haphazard manner, requires a degree in rocket science to aggregate, doesn't meet the demands of different departmental needs, and becomes a virtual nightmare for the business principals."

"Our vision is to increase the business success rate by delivering a combination of business and technology solutions, tools, and ideas, that make it easy to expertly plan and execute strategy, administer business processes, manage human resources and cash flow, efficiently deliver producs and services, accurately measure business activities, recognize and analyze trends, and comply with corporate requirements and state/federal regulatory agencies."

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