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Long awaited QQube rollout has arrived! | CLEARIFY

Long awaited QQube rollout has arrived!

Long awaited QQube rollout has arrived!

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CLEARIFY releases first version of QQube after much anticipation


Houston, TX (March 1, 2011)QQube Releases version 1 of its ground breaking data warehouse technology for small and mid-market QuickBooks® users, after much anticipation and buzz.. 

QQube is a data extraction technology that drastically reduces the time it takes to create or reports or data analysis. Drag and drop information directly into applications like Microsoft® Excel, SAP® Crystal Reports, or Microsoft® Access; use as a plug-in for Microsoft® Reporting Services, Power Pivot Tables, SQL Server, Share Point, Open Office, or BI productivity tools like SAP® Crystal Interactive Analysis and SAP® Crystal Dashboard Design.

As the world’s largest provider of custom reporting solutions and tools for QuickBooks Premiere and Enterprise users, CLEARIFY® continues to push the envelope by creating technology that has only been heretofore available in Fortune 1000 companies - at a fraction of the price.

"Our primary goal is to allow business owners to get at their data without needing a rocket science degree," said Chuck Vigeant, the founder and Managing Partner of CLEARIFY. "QQube allows users easy access to QuickBooks data without spending days, weeks, or even months learning about tables, relationships, or having to reverse engineer the QuickBooks database components."

Founder Chuck Vigeant says: "This is a culmination of years of providing thousands of custom report solutions using methods and tools that can only be described as 'caveman like'. We have drastically reduced the time it takes to create reports or deliver analysis, because consumers can focus on the end solution - not the spaghetti code that is database technology."

Chuck goes on: "we have realized two incontrovertible facts: (1) business owners and employees alike want access to their own data without needing a rocket science degree; and (2) they want to look at the data in the manner that suits THEM - not what suits the application manufacturer."

QQube is based upon the time tested principles of data warehousing, and succeeds without the need to learn new front end tools or concepts. If you can use Excel, SAP Crystal Reports, you can take advantage of the QQube technology by simply dragging and dropping your fields to create your report or analysis. You will never have to fuss with ODBC drivers, tables, relationships, or hours/days of reverse engineering - that should be welcome news to many ears.



CLEARIFY (https://clearify.com) is a Texas Corporation and was founded in April, 2010 by Chuck Vigeant, M.Ed. a former controller, who is widely considered as the foremost expert on QuickBooks data for reporting and analysis purposes. One of its central missions is to drastically reduce the complexity and time it takes to create compliance documents, run management reports, compile business metrics, and analyze business data. CLEARIFY serves small and mid-size companies in the contiguous United States, as well as Alaska, Canada, England, South America, and Australia.

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