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Price Change to QQube Multi-Company Add-On | CLEARIFY

Pricing Changes to QQube Multi-Company Add-On

Pricing Changes to QQube Multi-Company Add-On

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CLEARIFY® Announces Pricing Changes to Multi-Company Add-On


Houston, TX (October 6, 2012) – CLEARIFY changes the pricing for the QQube Multi-Company Add-On

Pricing for more than one company - up to three, is now $195.00  Pricing for more than 3 companies - up to 100 or more - is now $395.00.  This is not a per company price, but inclusive.

CLEARIFY® founder Chuck Vigeant says: "We recently expanded the number of included licenses in our Multi-User packages e.g. from 2 users to 5 users, and have adjusted the pricing for Multi-Company usage to retain the same value for our customers and their buying patterns."  

"Many other BI tools in the QuickBooks market charge by the company, and that is something we will not do.  This is still a value proposition as this type of multi-company functionality/aggregation of data details and linked transactions is not available in any other tool."

All current customers are grandfathered in and their upgrade price will be based upon their original purchase price. We will also honor the original price for those customers who have downloaded trials in the last 30 days.


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