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QQube for QuickBooks Version 5.76 (Build 364) | CLEARIFY

QQube 5.76 (Build 364)

QQube 5.76 (Build 364)

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Release Details - March 25, 2016


This is a full install and will upgrade versions 4.1 thru 5.x in place.  Those with versions before Version 4.1 will need to un-install that previous version before installing 5.76


Current users of QQube who are still within the yearly subscription period can download the upgrade directly from the QQube Configuration Tool under Help>About>Updates.  Updates and Upgrades information found here.

New users need to request the link for a trial download. Installation instructions will be found here.

New Features

  • Sybase Engine Update. Version
  • Database Update Procedure.  Streamlined installation to automatically update database, using fewer steps and screens.

Bug Fixes

  • Employee Target Bonus.  Previously the synch would fail if the employee target bonus field contained a percentage instead of a dollar figure.  This has been fixed to use either method.
  • Financial Summary Reports.  If a Financial Summary example in theQQube Configuration Tool was opened, the correct months and years did not refresh.  This has been fixed to show the proper month and year, corresponding to the 3 year period selected in theQQube Configuration Tool under the Financial Subject Area.  These are:
    • Financial Statements By Class
    • Financial Statements
    • Financial Statement of Cash Flows By Class
    • Financial Statement of Cash Flows
    • Financial Trial Balance Activity By Class
    • Financial Trial Balance Activity
    • Job PandL Summary
  • Credit Memo Linked Transaction Count.  The correct count of Linked Credit Memo Transaction has been fixed.  This field resides in the Linked Transaction FACT tables for Sales, Job Costing, and Inventory subject areas.
  • Bank Transfers. Fix issue to accommodate a rare saving process anomaly found in earlier releases of QuickBooks.  Debit and Credit Amounts, and Summary Line designation were affected. This is now fixed.
  • Trial Balance Activity - Retained Earnings Amount. Fix issue where, when not using classes in QuickBooks, Retained Earnings in the Trial Balance Activity by Class would show 0.00  The correct amount now shows.
  • Trial Balance Activity and Trial Balance Activity by Class. Fix issue where journal entries that included a posting to the Retained Earnings Account in the first period of the year, would cause an incorrect Activity Signage Amount in that period.
  • Job Rep DIMENSION. Fix issue where Link to Sales Rep ID was incorrect in the Job Dimension, and returning the Customer Sales Rep, instead of the Job Sales Rep.
  • Price Level. Fix issue where link to Price Level ID was incorrect in the Job Dimension, and returning the Customer Price Level, instead of the Job Price Level.

Earlier release information can be found here.

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