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QQube 4.0 (Build 190)

QQube 4.0 (Build 190)

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Release Details - July 8, 2012


This is a patch for existing QQube Version 4 Users.


Download this file to your desktop or server and run (double click).  The patch will take less than a minute to install.  This ONLY needs to be done once; if you have a multi-user setup, then only do it on the server - not necessary to run on the workstations.


QuickBooks 2013 Compatibility. Accommodate several changes underneath the hood and updates all version of QQube 4.1 and earlier.

Big Fixes

There are 5 bug fixes in this Release Patch and only affects those using Version 4.1:

  • Sales Subject - Fix Issue with open and paid line and document amounts for credit memos.
  • Linked Transactions - Fix issues with Linked PO Txn where Linked Checks and CCCharge were not showing amounts.
  • Open Sales Orders - Fix issue where Invoices were not getting loaded.
  • Job Cost Subject -  Fix issue where Invoices were not getting loaded into open SO subject
  • Other Name List - Fix issue with other name index error showing in log
  • Vehicle Mileage - Fix issue where certain Vehicle Mileage data would not load.

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