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QQube for QuickBooks Version 5.0 (Build 240) | CLEARIFY

QQube 5.0 (Build 240)

QQube 5.0 (Build 240)

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Release Details - March 13, 2013


Available on February 13th, 2013, this is a full upgrade release which adds Sales Tax and Audit Trail Analysis, Balance Sheet by Class; exposes new information in QuickBooks 2013; gives you Excel PowerPivot functionality out of the box; makes it much easier to install, get up to speed and use; and includes a number of ease-of-use improvements to the Excel Add-In and Configuration tool based upon user feedback.

New Features

Sales Tax Analysis Compare actual Sales Tax accrued in QuickBooks transactions to the default taxable status of customers and items.  How about collection of out of state tax requirements?  Don't get caught in a Sales Tax Audit without knowing the facts! 

QQube Version 5 Sales Tax Analysis

Balance Sheet by Class QQube makes available this feature for summary reporting only, and contains 36 periods of information like other QQube Financial Subjects. 

Audit Trail Makes it possible to see the total number changes per transactions, the list of sequential changes, and the dollar amount change from the previous entry.  In addition you can analyze data entry by user, by time segments, even days of the week across the year.  Or find out when list items were created or modified.  Instantly filter by deleted or voided transactions.  This tool is a must for any auditor.

QQube Version 5 Audit Trail Analysis

Improved WIP We have added the capability to use Price Levels and Billing Rates to calculate theoretical billing / WIP in Job Costing for items other than Time Tracking entries.  For instance, you could take the quantity of hours performed by a vendor in a bill, and multiply it by the billing rate for that vendor, or the price level for that customer. Prior to this, QQube had this capability only for Time Tracking Entries.

Unapplied Job Cost Credits QQube now contains a field within Job Costing that contains all unapplied credits. Some customers, do not create invoices, and then apply payments; they may receive a payment, or create a deposit that is unapplied.

Inventory Forecasting  Several improvements were made to help customers with forecasting.  First,  QQube makes it easy to show on hand, open PO and open SO details - using one click Excel technology to choose one or multiple items.  This makes it no longer necessary to run reports every time part information is needed. Second, using Excel PowerPivot technology, you no longer need a programmer to create historical sales/consumption data side by side with OH, open SO (including assembly parts), and open PO.

QQube Version 5 Inventory Forecasting

Sales Tax Item Dimension   Information about the sales tax code is now available in the following subjects: OpenSO, Sales, Open A/R, Cash Requirements, GL Detail, Sales Consumption, Estended G/L Detail, Audit Trail.

Sequence Numbers  To accommodate a number of customer and Solution Provider requests, we have added line sequence numbers in the Sales and Open Sales Order Subject.  

Dashboard Examples We have included dashboard examples and raw dashboard templates that can be used with SAP® Crystal Dashboarding products. Creating 'what ifs' using sliders and dials has never been easier.

5500 Fields and Counting  Yes, we made QQube simpler, but for the die hard report writing fan, we just keep adding to the tally. Users demand it - we have it.   We now have included over 100 examples out of the box for Excel, Excel PowerPivot, Crystal Reports, Crystal Dashboards, Access.  Even plug directly into SQL Server. We don't want ANYONE to have to deal with a tables/relationships, mapping documents, or months of learning how to reverse engineer QuickBooks.


QuickBooks 2013 Additions

Additional Contact Information 18 additional fields for Customer, Job and Vendor, including secondary e-mails, linked in, twitter, etc.

Site Location Location has been added to Advanced Inventory in QuickBooks 2013.  This now available in QQube for the following subjects: Inventory, Sales Tax, Open SO and Sales. 


Excel Add-In Improvements

Add-On is now a ribbon We have added a Tab Ribbon to Excel to expand the capabilities of QQube within Excel

QQube Version 5 Excel Add-In

 Company Selection This simple, but new feature gives users the choice of working with one, or multiple companies within Excel.  This will reduce the amount of data brought into Excel for analysis, and make it easier for larger firms to work with QQube installations which contain dozens of QuickBooks files. 

Subject Consolidation and Organization We have simplified the Subject tree to make it easier for the end-user to get started.  Fewer categories, and simpler organization to find what you want. 

Easier to Use and Read 

  1. The Excel Add-In has a cleaner look, with less clutter
  2. Fewer fields to start to make it friendly upon first use
  3. Field Names have been changed based upon customer feedback, and are more understandable to users at all levels. 

Show Last Update Tells you the date of the last update within QQube, and allows you to go directly to the Configuration Tool

Auto Format There are two Financial Summary Subjects which required too many manual steps in ealier versions of QQube.  

  1. The Balance Sheet contains several special fields that need to be hidden.  You can now auto-hide those in one step.
  2. The Profit and Loss shows cogs, expenses, and other expenses as negative amounts to allow the Excel Pivot Table to sum correctly; but format wise they should show as positive numbers.  You can now auto-format the amounts and percentages in those groups.

Auto Formatting for Drag and Drop Fields 
When you drag a field within Excel, it will create the proper format for the number, percentage, etc. for a cleaner look with less user intervention.


Power Pivot for Excel 2010, 2013 - out of the box

The latest release of PowerPivot for Excel is a game changer for those who want to quickly look at any aspect of their business. All you have to do is open up one of the subject examples in the QQube Configuration Tool, e.g. job costing, sales, general ledger and begin your analysis/reporting. The regular Pivot Table feature in Excel made it difficult to do even simple calculations, and was slow when dealing with large amounts of data.

This has all changed with PowerPivot. Millions of rows and drag and drop in literally milliseconds.  It is a free download from Microsoft, and is integrated as a Menu Tab within Excel once installed. The ability to use your existing Excel knowledge, and just click on an item or customer and show just the related data is truly a 'wow' factor.

 QQube Version 5 Power Pivot


Installation Improvements

Minimum Requirements The QQube installation routine will stop and warn you for the following:

  1. Minimum Patch Requirements for QuickBooks is not found
  2. Wrong or incorrect installation type e.g. if a Terminal Server is found, you will only be allowed to perform a Terminal Services installation
  3. Not enough memory or processor speed.
  4. Not enough disk space


New Configuration Wizard

The Wizard is one of our most noticeable improvements with regard to getting people up to speed using QQube.  This version:

  • Reduces the number of steps it takes to use QQube
  • Eliminates unecessary and confusing wording (up to 70%)
  • Give users a better expectation of data load times 

There are only 4 simple steps to get up to speed after installing QQube: 

 QQube Version 5 Configuration Wizard


Configuration Tool Improvements

Cleaner Look  QQube will show fewer options by default - only the synchronization options and QQube application examples will be visible - while allowing advanced users to expand other components if they wish.  We changed the fonts to make it more readable. 

QQube Version 5 Configuration Tool

Solving Issues via the synchronization logs 95% of all issues with QQube For QuickBooks has to do with communicatons between the two applications - and 100% of those are controllable by the user.  Log Errors will allow you to click directly on a link to a short article on how to fix the issue in real time.  

Log Information This version includes over a dozen improvements regarding information captured during the synchronization process, including QB file size, Versions and Release Numbers, hardware environment, and data extraction information; making it easier to help customers with synchronization issues. 

Date Options Date options are now shown with the subject - easier to find and apply.


Improvements and Bug Fixes

There are over fifty additional improvements, bug fixes, and enhancements in this version.  Among the highlights:

  • If a QuickBooks Enterprise company file is in single-user mode, QQube will stop the synch process before proceeding, and notate in the log.
  • Fixed issue with open and paid line and document amounts for credit memos in Sales Subject 
  • Fixed issues with Linked PO Txn where LInked Checks and CCCharge were not showing amounts
  • Fixed issue where Invoices were not getting loaded into Open SO Subject
  • Fix issue with vendor credits not showing associated jobs on expense lines
  • Fix issue with Other Name index error for Enterprise Users
  • Fix rare first time connection issue with corrupted files.
  • Fix First Period Error with Trial Balance Activity
  • After running Synch automatically changes to Log section in configuration tool
  • Fix issue where some items with no parent items were showing as null. Now showing correctly as '(No Parent)'
  • Report examples now follow the same naming convention across all applictions e.g. access, excel, crystal
  • Added customer type, job type, vendor type to excel Add-In under Company Setup
  • Fix Typos on Line 4 of Entity Addresses
  • Fix date formatting for job dimension fields:  Start Date, Projected End Date, End Date
  • Change 'IS' to 'is' in Calendar Dimensions
  • Fix naming of TimeCreate/Time Modified fields to show proper subject prefix, for the following subjects:  Inventory, Sales, OpenSO
  • Fix taxable status for Customer and Item Dimensions
  • Fix case where null value was showing for job cost amount
  • Fix issue where signage of credit memo sales tax was reversed
  • Fix Percentage fields in Terms (/100)
  • Add holiday, weekend fields to job cost trip start/end date dimensions
  • Fix taxable status for Customer and Item dimensions
  • Fix case where null value was showing for job cost amount
  • Fix issue where signage of credit memo sales tax was reversed
  • Fix Percentage fields in Terms
  • Fix error in account BS Grouping where long term liablities were mislabeled

The overriding purpose of this Release was to do one thing:  SIMPLIFY  Easier to get started, easier to use 

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