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QQube 5.0 (Patch)

QQube 5.0 (Patch)

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Release Details


This is a patch for existing QQube Users on Version 5.0 ONLY.  Do NOT attempt to install on Version 5.1   


Download this file to your desktop - or server - and run (double click).  The patch will take less than a minute to install and is only necessary to be run once on the machine of your choice.  It does not need to be applied to every workstation.


Source Name. Source Name Dimension has been added to mirror QuickBooks report functionality.  Available in Job Cost and GL Detail Subjects.

Big Fixes

These bug fixes ONLY affect QQube Version 5 users"

  • Accounts Receivable - Fixed the following missing A/R elements:  Unapplied CCRefunds adn Check refunds, CC Charge and Credit.  Also fix bug where certain invoices were not showing.
  • Sales Tax- Fixed diivision by 0 error
  • Audit Trail - Fixed truncation error. Fixed issue where refresh was hanging.
  • Job Cost -  UofM dimension was missing
  • Classes- Fix where an extra row of null values appeared.
  • Payroll - Fix error where certain payroll adjustments would not show if there was no employee assigned to the payroll item
  • General Ledger - Fixed the following issues: Summary/Detail Line Stats and Summary Account in Journal Entries; overstatement of overpayments in the G/L Detail when combined with payment discounts; sales tax items not showing up.
  • Inventory - Fixed issue with bin locations and inventory transfers; and blank assemblies and adjustments
  • Other Names - Log would show 'Unique Index' Error, and not finish the refresh.

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