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QQube 5.1 (Build 243)

QQube 5.1 (Build 243)

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Release Details - March 26, 2013


This is a full install and will replace the current Version 5 installer.  If you are currently on Version 5 this is a mandatory update as it fixes issues in a variety of areas, including data accuracy, speed, and daily operation.  There are also several new items added to the product. Even if you have downloaded and installed the Release Patch 1 for Version 5, you should install this upgrade.

If you are upgrading from Version 4.1 this will upgrade in place, and leave your settings intact.  However you will need to reload your data.


Current users of QQube will be sent a link to download the new version.  New users need to request the link for a trial download.  Installation instructions will be found here.

New Features since 5.0

  • Vastly Improved Refresh Times - New algorithms and indexes improve speed by up to 90% in certain instances.  Our fastest, most efficient release to date.
  • Source Name - Source Name Dimension has been added to mirror QuickBooks report functionality.  Available in Job Cost and GL Detail Subjects.
  • Auto Number Format for G/L Detail - One button push to properly reverse the sign for income and other income when creating a P&L Fiscal, Calendar, 52/53 Profit and Loss - with details
  • One-Step PowerPivot Refresh - PowerPivot tables typically require five manual steps. The QQube ribbon contains an icon that will peform both steps at once.
  • Abort Option Users can now use this button to properly stop the refresh operation.  Previously it would require ending multiple processes in the task manager. 
  • Audit Trail Date Load Option - Added option to load data 'since'
  • List Lookups - Complete list information without transaction detail for Accounts, Classes, Customer, Job, Vendor, Employee, Employee HR, Vendor, Other Names, Sales Reps, Templates.
  • Synch Log Mass update - New button will allow user to update all logs as 'read' 
  • Easily Move or Update QQube Database - Added right click one-step options to create new database, rename existing database, or move existing database 

Bug Fixes to 5.0

  • Accounts Receivable - Fixed the following missing A/R elements:  Unapplied CCRefunds adn Check refunds, CC Charge and Credit.  Also fix bug where certain invoices were not showing.
  • Sales Tax- Fixed diivision by 0 error. Fixed issue where taxable/non-taxable amounts were not calculating correctly when %discounts where preceeded by groups. Fixed abnormal refresh times.
  • Audit Trail - Fixed truncation error. Fixed issue where refresh was hanging. Sample files will only load data from 12/15 of the appropriate year for the QB sample file
  • Job Cost -  UofM dimension has been restored
  • Classes- Fix issue where an extra row of null values appeared.
  • Payroll - Fix error where certain payroll adjustments would not show if there was no employee assigned to the payroll item
  • General Ledger - Fixed the following issues: Summary/Detail Line Stats and Summary Account in Journal Entries; overstatement of overpayments in the G/L Detail when combined with payment discounts; sales tax items not showing up; debit entry on G/L detail was showing up as negative credit.
  • Inventory - Fixed issue with bin locations and inventory transfers; and blank assemblies and adjustments; incorrect open so when serial#/lots present
  • Other Names - Log would show 'Unique Index' Error, and not finish the refresh.
  • Scheduler - Advanced Scheduling Options were not working properly.  This has been fixed.
  • Trial Balance Option Missing - Fixed issue where current Trial Balance was not showing when selecting Cash Requirement options
  • 1099 - Fixed error where 1099 information would not load due to 1099 Printing Preference set to no.
  • Configuration Tool Status line - Fixed issue where 'Qube is ready for use' would appear incorrectly.

Excel Add-In

  • Error when unchecking last field - Fixed issue where if last field in subject details folder was unchecked, user would receive error.
  • Adding Manual Filter using MSQuery returned error - Fixed issue where advanced users would use MSQuery to create a manual filter, and when returnd to Excel would get an error.
  • Hide Rows Function (Balance Sheet Summary) - Fixed issue where additional rows would cause incorrect row hiding - and then QQube not auto-fixing this anomaly when invoked on ribbon. Re-invoking the hide function works as expected now.
  • PowerPivot 2013 - Added PowerPivot 2013 examples in the community file section


  • Missing ie4uinit.exe Resolved issue on Server 2012 where this file was missing.
  • Excel Add-In doesn't get installed.  If Excel is open during the install, the Add-In may not get installed.  The installer now warns the user during the installation process.
  • License Upgrades - Added support for out of subscription users, and fixed issue where licensing upgrade options were not seen by certain customers
  • ODBC drivers - 32 and 64 bit drivers are listed as one entity in the Control Panel instead of two
  • OLE DB Providers - Now installed for connecting to SQL Server
  • Update failure - If empty database (auto installed by QQube) is missing, it would cause the upgrade to fail.  This has been fixed
  • Server Firewall Issues - SQL Anywhere is now automatically added to the firewall rules.
  • Missing Commands on Wizard - Fixed issues when machine user was using large fonts and causing buttons on wizard to not be visible.
  • Audit Trail - Sample files will now only load data changed on 12/15 with year appropriate to QB file year.

Technical Issues

  • Out of Memory Errors.  If a QuickBooks file was corrupt, the log file would fill up with garbage, and cause indeterminate our of memory errors.  Logging is handled differently to accommodate these anomalies.
  • Memory Access Errors - This could occur in a close sybase function and has been fixed.
  • Multiple DOS windows - and clicks - when renaming/moving database - QQube now contains new service called QQubeIACHelper.exe to assist with 'elevated' operations.  Renaming and moving QQube database are seamless operations.
  • General Ledger Detail taking longer time than normal on large QB files -  Changed chunking retrieval method to fix issues where files over 2Gig would appear to 'hang' when loading General Ledger.
  • Shared Memory Connection - Updated DSN create/update logic to follow 'Cannot Use Shared Memory Connection' setting in QQube.  In this mode QQube cannot auto start the database unless the database service is running.
  • 23 Character Limit for QQube Database Engine Name - In order to accommodate the Sybase database locate utility on client installation, the QQube Database Engine name will be limited to 23 characters.

Troubleshooting Tools

  • Connection Identifiers - Added to log to help identify unreleased connections during the synch process.
  • Disk/Memory Size - Corrected display of Byte Sizes.
  • Process Times - Delineate between data extraction and vew refresh times
  • Missing error URL - Fixed several URL misdirects from the errors in the log file
  • Clear Views (Easter Egg) - Save time when removing data on larger files.
  • Right Click save Database - saves a copy of the QQube Database to the user's desktop (server, if multi-user) to send when request by tech support.

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