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QQube 5.1 (Final Patch)

QQube 5.1 (Final Patch)

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Release Details

This is a patch for existing QQube Users on Application Version and later ONLY.  Do NOT attempt to install on earlier versions of QQube. (To find your version of QQube go to the Configuration Tool>Help>About QQube)


Download this file to your desktop - or server - and run (double click).  The patch will take less than a minute to install and is only necessary to be run once on the machine of your choice.  It does not need to be applied to every workstation.

Bug fixes

  • Job Costing
    • Fix issue where, when using other name and class dimensions, certain transaction information would not appear.
    • Fix issue for quantity, line rate (sales transactions) for inventory/assembly items.
    • Change filter for Unapplied Credits to show only non-zero entries.
    • Fix issue with discounts given in job cost where unapplied payments with discounts taken on receive payment transaction were showing.
    • Fix issue with payroll item null value on PO
  • Time Tracking - fix issue where, when using other name and class dimensions, transaction information would not appear.
  • Multi-Company - fix issue where, if QB files where cloned from single entity - meaning underlying customer ListID's where duplicated, customer based reporting would be inaccurate.
  • Sales Rep Lists - fix duplicate other names in Sales Rep Dimension
  • Sales Subject  - fix document status issue for credit memos
  • Payroll Subject - fix issue with wrong null value key
  • Inventory Subject - fix issue with paid/open status on bill/vendor credit items in inventory subject.  Fix index naming issue for A/P side transactions in inventory subject.
  • General Ledger Subject - fix issue with wrong relationship values for dimensions: employee, other name, payment method in a/p transactions.
  • Cash Requirements Subject - Address Missing AR CC Refund

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