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QQube 5.5 (Build 303)

QQube 5.5 (Build 303)

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Release Details - (Updated 5/6/2014)

This is a patch for existing QQube Users on Application Version and later ONLY.  Do NOT attempt to install on earlier versions of QQube. (To find your version of QQube go to the Configuration Tool>Help>About QQube)


Download this file to your desktop - or server - and run (double click).  The patch will take less than a minute to install and will need to be applied to the server AND all workstations.

Bug fixes

Lot Numbers

  • Fix method of checking whether lot numbers turned on for advanced inventory
  • Fix issue for posting transactions in Sales, Sales Order, Inventory subjects where lot number qty not showing correctly.

General Ledger

  • Fix issues with incorrect GL Line Amount for Vendor Credits.
  • Fix issues with 52/53 tax year for 13-4 week year where period calculations where incorrect
  • Fix incorrect period date calculation issues with 52/53 tax year where chosen last day of fiscal year could end up on last day of calendar year.
  • Fix issues with Payroll Class ID for Premiere Users, where log would show synch error
  • Correct issue to ensure autopopulation of Trial Balance, Balance Sheet (without class) when Balance Sheet by Class subject is run. (4/1)


  • Fix issue where Inventory Site Names with Locations had longer than 31 characters (but up to 63)
  • Fix case where build assembly components were not showing in non-Enterprise Versions. (5/6)

Financial Summary

  • Reformulated methodology for getting Balance sheet by Class to accommodate thousands of classes
  • You can now run Financial Summary without running Financial Summary by Class
  • If you run Financial Summary by Class, Financial Summary will now automatically run without user manual request
  • Fix errors in Trial Balance Activity by Class where certain months were not showing COGS/Expenses in particular Period Ending columns - causing out of balance totals.

Job Costing

  • Add Other Current Liability account type to Job Cost Journal Entry transactions. (5/6)


  • Fix issues for QB Pro Premiere users with classes in payroll transactions, where log would show synch error


  • Fix issue with suggested and actual discount fields showing 0.00 for bills with just items and no expenses. (4/1)


  • Add preferred vendor name to non-inventory, service, other charge items (recently exposed by the SDK) (5/6)

Excel Add-In

  • Fix issue where Changed Column heading (using QQube Lists - not Pivot Tables) was lost after answering yes to refresh upon opening of saved Excel File. (4/1)
  • Fix issues where converting a Pivot Table to a list would not work in certain circumstances. (4/1)

QQube Configuration Tool

  • Fixed resource issue in QQube Configuration Tool when it would sit unattended on the Synch Log screen for long periods of time (e.g. days).  Behavior fixed was that the Configuration Tool would start beeping with abnormal looking screens. (4/1)
  • Add advanced option for synching optimization adjustments (to be used by CLEARIFY engineers for specific customer issues) (4/1)
  • If Estimates are not turned on, they will not be attempted to be loaded (4/1)
  • If Classes are not turned on, then associated B/S by Class will not be attempted to be loaded (4/1)
  • Adjusted subjects to be loaded by Wizard dependent up on whether Estimate, Classes, and inventory are turned on. (4/1)
  • Create workaround for SDK bug for handling two QuickBooks versions of the same year installed on a workstation. Will no longer crash. (5/6)
  • Changed to new SDK Requestor which will now detect Quickstart - one less item to cause a synch problem. NOTE: QuickBooks 2011 or earlier may require a newer QBXMLRP2.dll. (5/6)
  • Make changes for Right Network hosted installations, which removes scheduling and database location from the user configuration tool. (5/6)
  • Made changes to the connection to use Shared Memory when on Terminal Services. (5/6)
  • Change for multiple company operations: if one company file has an error during the synch, QQube will continue processing to the next company, and finish - but show an error in the log.  (5/6)
  • Changes to the log to help support:  Company list with helpful information; differentiate between subjects that are globally checked and manually checked for the actual synch; list summary information of previous logs to better determine if someone needs to clear the data and start over.

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