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QQube Version 5.6 Release Details

QQube Version 5.6 Release Details

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QQube Version 5.6

This is a full install and will upgrade versions 4.1 thru 5.5 in place.  Those with versions before Version 4.1 will need to uninstall that previous version before installing 5.6


Current users of QQube will be sent notices and upgrade options.  New users need to register to download to request the link for a trial download.  Installation instructions will be found here.

New Features

  • Job Cost - Two new dimensions are available: Customer Rep, and Job Rep.  Customers who use these fields for supervisor, inspector etc. will now be able to classify their jobs according to one or both dimensions.  
  • Time Tracking - We added:
    • Service Item Rate, and a calculated field for hours x Item Rate for easier reporting in Excel Pivot tables.  This was in addition to the previously existing Billing Rate, and/or Price Level Rate.
    • Source Name to encapsulate both Vendors, Employees in one field
  • TABLEAU, TABLEAU, TABLEAU! - We now have out of the box examples for Tableau 8.2 users (https://www.tableau.com).  Load your subject, and just open up the Tableau shell for that subject from the Configuration Tool.  No configuration needed!  All of your dimensions, hierarchies, measures are pre-configured, with correct formatting, and aggregation defaults.

Tableau Software

  • PowerPivot Examples - Enhanced examples for out of the box use:
    • Inventory Forecasting
    • Inventory with Sites/Lots
    • Profit and Loss with General Ledger Detail
  • PowerPivot Enhancements - Things to help you create reports/analyses quicker:
    • We have created hierarchies for automatic date drill down: e.g. year-month-date, year-quarter-period-date for 5253Tax Year, etc.
    • Days of the week, Month names now come out in proper order - not alphabetically
    • Rate fields will default summarize as average
    • You can choose the default date ranges to use in QQube e.g. 5 years of data instead of the default 25.  This will exponentially speed up the PowerPivot reports.

Technical Issues and Fixes

  • Multi-Currency. Fixed items:
    • Multiple signage errors for debit and credit fields in a handful of transactions.  Line amount fields were ok. 
    • Home Currency journal entry adjustments
    • Foreign amount for Bank Transfers
    • Currency Name is still unavailable in CA versions for bank transfers
  • General Ledger - Fixed signage on Credit Amount for Bill Payment Check Discounts.  Line amount ok.
  • SQL Server Compatability - Several items where LineID where not unique.
  • Date Dimensions.  Calendar Year and Fiscal Month Number in Quarter added to Fiscal Date Dimension.  Calendar Year added to 52/53 Tax Year Dimension.(as QuickBooks does).
  • Internal Configuration Changes - Changes to create better handling of initial loads and logic.

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