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QQube for QuickBooks Version 7.6 (Build 492) | CLEARIFY

QQube 7.6 (Build 492)

QQube 7.6 (Build 492)

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Release Details - November 15, 2019

Bug Fixes

  • Fix issue where views for PandL by Job and Class were not getting removed when unchecked from the manual refresh area.
  • Fix issue where three transactions had the incorrect field value of (A/P) instead of just A/P issue in Cash Position Analytic field: "Is A/R or AP".
  • Address and fix issue where Job Notes Lookup was not available - only Customer.
  • Address and fix issue where Job Additional Contacts Lookup was not available - only Customer.
  • Fix issue where Class Name was Missing from Discount on Receive Payment
  • Fix the following issues for Presentation Cleanup on PandL Detail
    • Subtotals for net profit, other income/expense, cogs, ordinary income/expense were not getting reversed.
    • Debit and Credit fields were being incorrectly changed.
  • Fix issue where Profit and Loss Detail is chosen without General Ledger Detail, then deposit information was not getting loaded.
  • Excel Add-In.  Fixed an issue where if you used the Excel Pivot Table option to show subtotals at bottom (for pandl and balance sheet), and checked "Non-Zero Rows only" to be run by the Presentation Cleanup, the group headings would erroneously get hidden.

NOTE:  Rather than have two separate lookups for customer and job regarding notes, and additional contacts, QQube will keep everything under customer. To discern the difference, we have created a field called "Is Customer or Job", which will have three potential values: 

  • "Customer"
  • "Job"
  • "Customer and Job" 

This will allow a user to filter by just customers, or just jobs using 2 of the three potential values. 

We are also including two fields in the Lookup:

  • "Customer or Job Name"
  • "Customer:Job Full Name"

Upgrade Improvements

  • Once the upgrade is complete, the data views will be refreshed so you don't need to run a manual synch in order to use the analytics in QQube.
  • Upgrades will now copy old logs over to the new database.

New QuickBooks Analytic

  • List of Shipping Addresses by Name

Intuit does not expose the Address Name in the actual transaction.  Rather this is just a list by customer and job. This satisfies many long term requests for this feature.

New Field and DIMENSION

  • Document Class Name on Sales and Open SO Analytics
  • New Header Class DIMENSION on Sales Analytic.and Open SO Analytics

Excel Add-in New Features

  • Formatting option to show only whole numbers
  • Formatting options for negative numbers:
    • red or black
    • parentheses ()  or minus sign -
  • Ribbon Makeover

Excel Add-In Makeover - QQube 7.6

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