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QQube for QuickBooks Version 10.0 (Build 580) | CLEARIFY

QQube 10.0 (Build 580)

QQube 10.0 (Build 580)

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Release Details - April 7, 2023


QQube Version 10, Build 580 is a necessary update for QuickBooks 2021 customers who use sales orders, and addresses several usability issues and enhancements within the QQube Configuration Tool.


  • Fixed an issue where sales orders were not extracted from QuickBooks 2021.  We provided a work around to recent Intuit SDK issue as explained in the announcement for Build 576.  However, we did not successfully implemented that work around.  Sales orders now properly load in QB 2021 versions.
  • Fixed an issue where the license for the 10 Company Add-On would not allow more than 3 files.
  • Fixed anomaly for upgrade installers, where the old Job Cost Freestyle Profit and Loss were not checked within the Legacy section, even they were checked in the old version.  We additionally automatically check the newer, more efficient, Job Cost Flexible Period Profit and Loss models to give customers immediate access to both types of models.
  • Fixed issues where % of Sales was incorrect for YTD, Quarter, Year (Actual, Budget and Forecast) in the following models:  
    • profit_loss_job_flexible_period_(qqube10.x).xlsx
    • profit_loss_job_class_flexible_period_(qqube10.x).xlsx


  • Changed the behavior of setting the "Today" definition.  If you change it to a specific date, it will be not necessary to reload any data models to see the effect. For instance, Current Month, YTD, etc. will immediately be available with updated calculations.  This will be true for the following affected data models.
    1. All Power Pivot and Power BI examples
    2. Standard Monthly Period Financial Summary data models.
    3. Advanced Monthly Period Financial Summary data models.

  • The QQube Configuration Tool > About QQube will no longer display a message that discerns between a minor and major upgrade.  Updates always contains bug fixes, and should be installed.  Major numbered upgrades generally add enhancements which may need researching before implementing.  The Release Notes is always available on that page to decide if the update is necessary now - or after it has been tested in their own environment.

  • Changed the installer Icon to the QQube Icon, rather than the CLEARIFY icon for better recognition.

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