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QQube 10.0 (Build 584) | CLEARIFY

QQube 10.0 (Build 584)

QQube 10.0 (Build 584)

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Release Details - June 22, 2023


QQube Version 10, Build 584 is a necessary update for those who use Source Name in the General Ledger Detail Data Model and who use Group Items in Purchase Orders.


  • Fixed an issue where detail lines on a deposit had no source name in the General Ledger Detail Data Model.
  • Fixed an issue where the detail lines of group items in Purchase Orders were not showing.


  • Added the Sales Tax Preference to our synch logs to help spot cases where Sales Tax Records might exist, but don't get extracted because the preference got turned off.
  • Correct references within the code to ensure that secure (https) https://clearify.com is enforced.

SDK Bug Workarounds

  • The Intuit SDK has a bug where a timestamp field in the vehicle mileage records is not in fact a timestamp.  Despite repeated requests to Intuit to fix this bug (it was a timestamp not so long ago), we have created a work around that should work in almost all cases - unless there are over 20,000 mileage records in a file.  In previous versions of QQube we could just incrementally load records based upon this timestamp, but that is no longer possible. We now will reload all records every time.

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