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QQube 10.0 (Build 590)

QQube 10.0 (Build 590)

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Release Details - September 12, 2023


QQube Version 10, Build 590 fixes two issues. The first fixes a speed issue with large QB inventory files, the second fixes a recently introduced bug that caused the midpoint dot to display incorrectly.


  • We recently introduced the ability to extract Quickbooks data from a certain time period to alleviate the synch times with larger files.  The mechanism for assessing the beginning inventory could take an extraordinary amount of time involving files with large numbers of inventory items, and/or previous item transactions.   This has been resolved, and now loads within a few seconds.
  • Fixed a bug introduced in Build 587 where the mid-point or interpunct symbol " · " between the account name and account number was incorrectly represented by a missing or even an accented "A".   Now all QQube special characters use the UTF-8 (and Microsoft preferred) character set, instead of the older - but traditional - ANSI character standard protocol.



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