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QQube Sunset Announcement

QQube Sunset Announcement

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Official Notice of QQube Version Sunset

Effective immediately (October 1, 2023) all versions of QQube prior to Version 10.0 Build 580 will no longer be supported as Intuit made several changes in their SDK (Software Development Kit) this last fall, that required us to change QQube in order to work with QuickBooks 2021,2022,2023,2024.

In a major departure by the Intuit SDK development team, changes to the latest SDK affected previous versions of QuickBooks.  This had never occurred in the previous 20 years of SDK implementation as each SDK version would match up to the current year release of QuickBooks.

For Years Intuit Went Silent

Between 2014 and 2020, nothing was added to the Intuit Software Development Kit outside of the new 1099 fields required by one specific third party application.

Then two years ago, they came out with the 64 bit SDK, and then the latest version of the SDK this last fall.  There were not that many changes, but enough to make life miserable for some of our customers - and for our own help desk and development teams.

We have yet to implement the 64 Bit SDK, as the performance benefits were negligent after a few months of development testing.  This is, however, still on our road map for technical reasons.

Risks of a Semi-Subscription Model

When we first created this product over 13 years ago, full subscription models only existed in the realm of online applications, but this has changed.  Even Intuit is a full subscription model for its desktop products.

We have kept the semi-subscription model because we felt it was important to keep our promise to our customers, although our QBO product will be a full blown subscription model when it is released soon.

The problem with the semi-subscription model, is that out of subscription customer is not entitled to use updated versions of QQube that accommodate Intuit changes   This affects those who previously purchased our product for a specific reason or report - and not needing any of the new features we add on a regular basis.  It also affects our available resources because we have to respond to help desk tickets and articulate the circumstances.

And for those years where Intuit made no changes, some customers could take that risk.  But Intuit is making changes again, and that means we will continue to inculcate those changes in our product.

Fear of Moving to Version 10

QQube Version 10 has a ton of new features, new fields, and incredible integration with Power BI where we now include over 5,700 DAX formulas out-of-the box (authored by the best in the world Marco Russo).

It also includes some bug fixes, and some minor changes.  Yes some fields were corrected for spelling, and several were removed because they were obsolete, but the changes to the existing structure should not prevent anybody from updating seamlessly.

The once exception is our vehicle mileage data models, because Intuit had made some major changes in the date and odometer fields.

The impetus behind Version 10, was to allow us to easily transition to QBO, and to provide the ability to easily use Power BI out of the box - because that is where Microsoft is taking everybody in the world of small business reporting and analytics.  Power BI allows you to produce column and row widgets, visualizations, and use them all the cloud - for FREE as part of the Office Subscription.

We already have several thousand people update to Version 10 from previous versions, and all issues have been resolved. In fact, there are zero bugs to be fixed in queue.  Yes, zero.

The Update Process

We have a guide for the update process: Updating Existing Installations | CLEARIFY 

What customers should expect:

  1. Reports with the Excel Add-In should work without intervention (unless you copied one tab to another, instead of using the Template function)
  2. Power BI and Power Pivot errors are easily fixed in the Power Query Advanced Editor

Bottom line: Even IF someone doesn't know how to use the Power Query Advanced Editor, that person can just submit a ticket, attach any Excel or Power BI files, and we will fix them free of charge.  Turnaround is one business day.

Exceptions to this offer are projects where the base data models were not used, or a developer exercised a high degree of customization to build a report or visualization project.  But from our experience with these upgrades, this is very rare.  Even in those cases, it was easy to pinpoint what needed to be changed.

This guide explains all features that were implemented in Version 10 including any changes from the previous Version 7 Releases: Modifications in Version 10 | CLEARIFY 

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