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QQube 10.1 (Build 593)

QQube 10.1 (Build 593)

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Release Details - December 18, 2023


QQube Version 10.1 Build 593 fixes several bugs, and adds lot number expiration date. It also uses AI to identify specific QuickBooks corruptions, and automatically reload the relevant company from scratch when abnormal interruptions occur.  Among a handful of new enhancements we have added a needed feature for people with large numbers of QuickBooks files - the ability to alphabetize the list of companies.


  • Beginning Balance Inventory for QuickBooks Enterprise files. Fixed two issues:
    • Missing Sales Receipts
    • Speed Issues on very large files
  • Estimates. Fixed an anomaly where estimates lines wouldn't show in the Job Cost Detail Data Model.  Newer versions of QuickBooks no longer list the pre-supposed posting account for an item, and had to be accommodated.
  • Date Calendars for PowerPivot and Power BI. Corrected the applied steps in transaction date calendars within relevant PowerPivot and Power BI models.  If the today's date is defined in the QQube Configuration Tool as later than the last transaction in the FACT table, the calendar dimension would not show the necessary dates.
  • 52/53 Tax Calendar. Fixed a bug where the correct 3 year period was not being saved in the QQube Configuration Tool.
  • Vehicle Mileage. Fixed a bug where Vehicle Mileage was loading even though it was not checked (job cost, and vehicle mileage data models).
  • Synchronizer Auto Start.  If you used the Wizard, and deferred the synch to a later time, the synchronizer would not start in the tray, and show "not loaded".  This has been fixed to auto load upon completion of the Wizard using any synch option.
  • Spelling Errors. Several miscellaneous spelling errors in the QQube Configuration Tool have been fixed.

New Fields

  • Expiration Date for Lot Number.  This was first implemented in QuickBooks USA/CAN beginning with R3, 2023 earlier this year, and is now available in the following data models:
    1. Sales
    2. Open Sales Orders
    3. Purchasing
    4. Inventory


  • Ability to alphabetize QuickBooks company files in the manual refresh area - for easier search.
    • Company ID number will be first column, name in second column

    • Order of synch will now be determined as follows:

      • For scheduled synch the files are run in order as listed on the QuickBooks Company List screen

      • For manual refresh synch the files are run in order as listed on the manual refresh screen

  • Log now correctly shows Server 2022 if present. 
  • SDK Error Message 80040403 now has an available linked guide when occurring during a synch.
  • Link on First Page of Wizard now links to a comprehensive requirements guide.
  • PowerPivot Inventory example now includes more default filter fields to easier match QuickBooks reports.
  • PowerBI Profit and Loss Detail adds a drill down example that is better suited for Power BI

AI in the Synch Process

  • Abnormal interruptions or manual aborts in the synch process have heretofore always required a complete reload from scratch.  Now when this happens, QQube will automatically recognize which company where this occurred, and auto-reload that specific company file from scratch.
  • QuickBooks Transaction or List Field Corruption. Occasionally there would be a corruption in a QuickBooks transaction, or data in a field that is too big for it, usually the result of old IIF tools to import data.  This would show as a "index-not-unique" error in the log, and require several help desk communications, to help identify the corrupted transaction, or the offending list item.  The log will now inform us which specific transaction or item is causing the problem.


  • There are two new warnings to alert customers about their subscription status, and/or the availability of new releases within their current subscription.

Subscription Status.  When you open up the QQube Configuration Tool you will receive up to three warnings:

      1. 30 days subscription remaining
      2. 15 days subscription remaining
      3. Expired - with instructions to re-activate if you have already renewed

Each user can receive the warning, and will occur only once per warning period.

Update Availability.  If a new QQube update is available, the QQube Configuration Tool currently notifies you if a new update is available.  If you are out of subscription it will now tell you that it is published, but not available until your subscription has been renewed. 

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