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QQube 10.1 (Build 599)

QQube 10.1 (Build 599)

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Release Details - January 23, 2024


QQube Version 10.1 Build 599 corrects several issues in the Balance Sheet Flexible Period Data Model, addresses several bugs relating to synch logging, and one bug when setting date range for flexible period financials in the QQube Configuration Tool.


  • Flexible Period Balance Sheet. Fixed three issues:
    • Missing bank transfers
    • Incorrect retained earnings.
    • Three DAX Intermediate Measures that are referenced by all other measures.
      • [[DAXP]] Balance Sheet Actual]
      • [[DAXP]] Balance Sheet Budget]
      • [[DAXP]] Balance Sheet Foreign]
    • Three DAX Time Period Measures
      • Previous Year-to-Date Actual
      • Previous Year-to-Date Budget
      • Previous Year-to-Date Foreign
  • Changing Dates for Flexible Period Financials. Fixed an issue where if someone changed the dates for the Flexible Period Financials, the yearly data buckets were not accordingly changed.  This behavior no longer requires a complete reload from scratch after clearing the views.
  • AI Logging for Data Corruption. Fixed several issues where the proper outcome was not achieved for apparent data corruption in a file.  It now properly reports the specific item or transaction, and the specific file, within a list of files.  This can help previous a complete reload of data, when only one file needs to be addressed
  • Opening Synch Logs. Fixed an issue where opening a synch log a multi-tab notepad, would cause an error when closing the file.


  • Synch Log. Added the period chosen for flexible period financials in the log.
  • Configuration Tool. Added the functionality for sorting company files within the manual refresh area.  This functionality was added to the QuickBooks Company List section in the build 595.

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