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QQube 10.1 (Build 606)

QQube 10.1 (Build 606)

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Release Details - March 12, 2024


QQube Version 10.1 Build 606 corrects an issue in the Balance Sheet Flexible Period Data Model, addresses an anomaly where parent account changes may not propagate, and corrects error messaging in the log.  The Flexible Period Financials can now be set to any time period.  


  • Flexible Period Balance Sheet. Fixed an issue where retained earnings entry on the first day of the year were not being recoginzed.
  • Parent Account Names. Because of an anomaly in the Intuit SDK, a parent account change will not trigger necessary updates to the children accounts.  This has been addressed with a firm work around.
  • Synch Logs. Fixed multiple issues where the synch error was not properly showing in the QQube Configuration Tool for customers to click on and fix.


  • Flexible Period Financial Dates. This has been changed to accommodate any range of dates.

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