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QQube shines at Pacific NW QuickBooks Conf | CLEARIFY

QQube showcased at Pacific NW QuickBooks Conference

QQube showcased at Pacific NW QuickBooks Conference

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March 21, 2011

Gale Kirsopp

Gale Kirsopp, operates Kirsopp Consulting in Poulsbo, WA, a nationally recognized Intuit Solution Provider and Certified Fishbowl Preferred Partner. She is also a Method Certified Account Manager and QQube Certified Trainer.

Gale will again be a presenter at the 3rd Annual Pacific NW QuickBooks End User Conference, co hosted by Bennet/Porter & Associates and SBA Services (owned by fellow Intuit Solution Provider Dawn Ashpole).

As a Certified QQube Trainer, Gale will showcase the strengths of QQube as a technology which extracts data from QuickBooks for use in Excel, Crystal Reports - or any tool of your choice - without needing to know anything about tables, relationships, or ODBC drivers. "One of the things I love about the QQube technology, is that I am not tied to a particular report writer, or that I don't have to learn any new tools. If you can use Excel, you can take advantage of the QQube technology - with all of the data at your fingertips."

One of Gale's strengths as a financial software consultant is her ability to communicate complex topics in simple terms. She doesn't talk above your head, and she is always attentive to what you are trying to accomplish. This is one of the many reasons that Gale is a trusted advisor to the CLEARIFY brand.

Visit her site at Kirsopp Consulting to read about her celebrated skill sets, and visit 3rd Annual Pacific NW QuickBooks End User Conference for more information about attending this conference and her presentation.

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