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QQube Third Party Add-Ons

QQube Third Party Add-Ons

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We are happy to announce a new feature to our line of QQube offerings – access to third party add-ons to our QQube product.  That’s right, 3rd party add-on to a QuickBooks 3rd party add-on.

Our goal is to give you easy access to information to successfully run your business, and while we eliminate 80% Of the hard work, it doesn’t mean that we can solve every scenario out-of-the box.

Our founder and CEO Chuck Vigeant, M.Ed. was able to start this business because of his accounting background, his experience writing thousands of customer reports, and being a QuickBooks Pro-Advisor for several hundred companies who used QuickBooks. So, it is no surprise that several of our Certified QQube Solution Providers came up with new ideas to better serve our customers, including one who started a hosting company (Noobeh).

Custom Grouping, Mapping, and Hierarchies

One of the frustrations for customers who have specific layout requirements for financial statements or job profitability reports is that the natural order of accounts needs to be manipulated to achieve the results.   This might involve tweaking the accounts in a single QuickBooks company – or trying to combine multiple charts of accounts from multiple QuickBooks Files into a single model.

While it is possible to do this in tools like Excel or PowerPivot, it is too cumbersome and costly.  So, one of our QQube Certified Solution Providers Ernest Cook, owner of A Better Idea, developed a tool called AHA (stands for Alternate Hierarchy Assistant) which makes the alternate mapping of accounts a breeze.

A screenshot of a computerDescription automatically generated

The AHA tool is not just a one trick pony, as you can create tax mapping for S Corp or Schedule C tax filers. An additional bonus is the ability to create an alternative job name hierarchy.

Here is an example:


You can use this tool as a stand-alone add-in or contract with Ernest for his custom reporting solutions.

Please visit this link for more information on this tool or to purchase:


Ernest has many other goodies and tools on his site, such as Commission Reports and a unique Accounts Receivable Audit Report which analyzes all activity after a designated point in time.

He is well known in the Intuit Community as a speaker, consultant, and an expert in multiple reporting tools such as Excel, PowerPivot and Crystal Reports - and has been featured in several blogs on our site (see: Ernest Cook presents at Scaling New Heights | CLEARIFY ). 

He is especially well known for his proficiency with, and prowess for, Power BI projects using QQube.

Single-Click Reports

The reason QQube exists is to give QuickBooks users access to their data – in ways that QuickBooks alone simply does not. 

And while some of our users are data scientists that enjoy using pivot tables, or writing complex DAX formulas in Power BI, many others are busy business owners who say, “I just want to hit a button, and everything spits out”.  Reports might include several financial statements, or also include Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, or even Sales and Commission Reports.
The problem with Excel is that you still need skills and patience to get things to work – and it’s so easy to make an unintended error.

To get printable or screen-friendly output you can trust, Crystal Reports is still the only tool – after 30 years - that offers total control over layout and design.  Angela Meharg, founder of Datisfy, has specialized with Crystal Reports since 1996.  Since 2014, the sole focus at Datisfy is custom reporting solutions for QuickBooks.

The Datisfy Report Viewer is geared towards seamless integration with QQube so you can focus on running your business instead of doing Excel export gymnastics. It provides self-service reporting to the folks on your team that don’t even have access to QuickBooks. And it means you don’t have to purchase the Crystal Reports development software to run reports.

Use this tool as a stand-alone add-in if you build your own Crystal Reports or contract with Datisfy for custom Crystal Reports reporting solutions. Datisfy has built a library of reports available as a subscription, particularly Job Costing and Inventory/Manufacturing reports.

You can purchase the viewer here: https://datisfy.com/product/datisfy-report-viewer/ 

Angela was one of the Intuitive Accountant Top 100 QuickBooks ProAdvisor award winners for four consecutive years. She is well connected in the Intuit Community as a conference speaker, and an author of valuable articles such as https://report.woodard.com/articles/the-truth-about-quickbooks-desktop-part-1. Many top QuickBooks Pro Advisors refer their clients to Angela because they know the limitations of QuickBooks reporting.

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