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VLOOKUP from one pivot table to another | CLEARIFY

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VLOOKUP from one pivot table to another

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  • As discussed in another post, I have constructed a pivot table with a custom view for Sales by Item Summary.  The pivot table uses the Item Name, Reorder Point, and a combination of Inventory Line Inventory Quantity and a calculated column to create specific date ranges of sales to identify trends on new products.

    I want to add a column for Inventory On Hand, which also uses Inventory Line Inventory Quantity.  Seeing that I can't use the same field twice in a single pivot table, I used the QQube default Inventory Pivot Table on a separate sheet for Inventory On Hand.  Now I would like to use a calculated field and VLOOKUP to pull in the Inventory On Hand, but no matter what I do Excel always says the formula has an error.  Here is the formula I am attempting to use:

    I have found many posts on the web about people successfully using VLOOKUP from one pivot table to another, but none that I have found have an example.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you!


  • Answered


    Instead of doing a vlookup from within a pivot table, I added a blank column to the List Table and did the vlookup there, then simply added the field to my pivot table.


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