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Trial Balance Period Names not searchable | CLEARIFY - Page 1

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Trial Balance Period Names not searchable

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  • Hi there,

    The new names for the Trial Balances  (Jan 2013 Activity Amount) to replace the old Period names (Period 13 Activity Amount) are great.   Given that these are "Labels" in Excel with the old Period names, I was able to select the month I wanted to lbring into my report with a Match formula that looked for the period number...   I can not do this with the names..I cannot type in "Jan 2013 Activity Amount" to  match up with the name on the header in the Trial Balance - even though they look the same... Excel will tell you they are not the same... Have you embedded special characters in the new names to make it display better?? 




  • Answered

    Yes there is an Asc 160 (non-break space) or two Asc 160 depending if it is using the older names. (Hold the alt and press 0160) to get that character.

  • Answered

    Thanks Matt.. That helps a lot.. Now I know what I am dealing with..

    If I use the Substitute Command to strip the ASC 160 out and replace with space then I get a string  match in Excel. ---Substitute([Jan2013 ending TB Amount],char(160)," ") ------

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