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Best method of confirming QQube data accuracy

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  • QQube saves me a lot of time if it is working correctly and the data it shows me for the current cash balance (from the QQube Balance Sheet report) and the A/R and A/P reporting matches the current A/R and A/P balances in my QuickBooks.

    But I have had a situation recently where I trusted that the QQube reports would be accurate after a successful update syncing of my fifteen QB Desktop files. But most of the cash and A/R and A/P balances were not correct. I cannot figure out how QQube was even calculating the numbers it was giving me.

    So I did a full refresh of the data and now it's working again. But my question is this --

    What is the best practice for ensuring that the data is accurate and matches what is in QuickBooks? QQube doesn't save me much time if I have to log into each QB Desktop file one-by-one to confirm that the QB balance sheet matches the QQube reports. So how do other users verify/confirm the accuracy without checking every file?  For example, could I just open my largest and most active QB file and ensure that it matches, and then trust that the others match as well? Or is there some other way?

    Thank you in advance.

  • Answered

    It has happened to me twice.  Single company database, over 1GB.  A daily scheduled incremental update (2 hours) failed to a couple of vendor changes on checks.  Now I do a (scheduled) full update (4 hours) before any important report (and once weekly).

  • I can't respond to your particular issue, because I don't have a log from which to give you a complete and intelligent answer.  But let's review a few things that we have experienced through serving thousands of customers, and 12 years of reviewing issues.

    • Given the maturity of this product, it would be almost physically impossible for something to work sporadically correctly.  A particular item will either work every time, or not, every time.
    • If the data didn't match, we wouldn't be in business very long.  We are both accounting professionals and developers, and one doesn't play without the other. Accuracy always comes first.
    • A bug derives from something that is repeatable every time  - and yes we have had our share of them over the years.  In recent years, however, they are few and far in between.
    • QQube relies on a modified time-stamp to pull data.  So if it changes, we will grab it, and ensure that the item, entity or transaction is properly updated.  Ditto with deleted transaction.
    • If you rebuild a QB file, certain timestamps can change - making it necessary to reload the data from scratch into QQube.
    • Many times we hear that a synch is successful, only to look at the logs, and realize that previous messages for "REQUIRED RELOAD", or Misc. error - were never attended to.  Why?  Because the customer will run another synch with a "successful" result.  However, the "success" only means that the current extract found no issues - it did not magically fix the previous error, which required a reload.
    • QuickBooks files - particularly those with over a few years of data - just has data problems here and there.  Just think of the thousands of times a file was opened and closed over a say, 10 year period - and not all in a normal fashion.
    • The Intuit SDK (Software Development Kit) is slow and kludgy, but it never lies.  If it finds an error - it must be attended to.

    I certainly would cringe if you had to test your data every time - that would be a horrible experience.  And from our vantage point, it should never be necessary - especially as long as we have doing this.

    We would love to see your log, and assess what is going on.  There is always a reason for an issue occurring. There are no surprises, other than how a QB file can get corrupted.

    Please submit your latest log to support, so that they can be reviewed to see if it is something that is happening on the synch end, or an actual bug.  (See how here: https://clearify.com/support)

  • This is great to hear. I believe the issue happened after we updated our QB Enterprise files to 2021. And perhaps there was something screwy that happened with files that hadn't been updated or something like that. And/or perhaps I didn't refresh/reload properly. I will just consider it user error and let you know if it happens again. Thanks!

  • Thanks for your input!

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