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QuickBooks Actual vs Budgets in QQube | CLEARIFY

  • Hello, 

    When pulling in financial data, I am attempting to pull in current actuals vs current budget & YTD acutals vs YTD budget. For QB databases that have multiple year budgets, it is pulling a zero value. 

    QB databases that have 2023 budgets input, it is pull as 22 currents & 22 YTD budgets. 

    Is there a specific setting I need to ensure is set on the tool to pull these metrics properly?



  • There are two things to check in the QQube Configuration Tool:

    • Fiscal Year Period
    • How you define "Today"  This feature was just added in Version 10 for people who wanted to look at last months data even though they had moved on to a new month.  In previous versions of QQube, "today" was defined as the last date a synch was run.



    Below are the setting I am using. To clarify, I am using 22 QB pro plus. Budgets are not synchronizing across all entities, and it seems that they are using 2023 budgets instead of 2022 when running the financial models  


  • Answered

    What you need to do is send a log to engineering support as shown here:  https://clearify.com/support

    Your synch logs shows red, which means you have previous errors - and some of which may not have been attended to.  We don't know, and a public form is not the place to submit your log which may contain private information.  Realize that a log may successful later, but it doesn't mean that unattended errors fixed themselves.

    There is always a reason data comes out in an unanticipated fashion.  Our engineers will quickly help you diagnose the issue.

  • Thank you, I will send momentarily 

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