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QQube Synchronizer Options

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  • Hi,

    If at all possible, I would like the synchronizer to do its work before I login. Is it possible and how ?

    Setting up QQube config scheduler does not seem to be enough.

    Thank you


    PS: I am running v 10.0.572.0

  • Answered

    How would QQube know when you are going to login?

    The scheduler works based upon what time you tell it to kick off.  I has no other awareness.

    As long as the machine user is logged in (where ever the synch mechanism is installed) the scheduler will run.  If the user is logged off, then QuickBooks client can't run, and there fore QQube can't talk to it.

    Intuit only allows us to talk to QB via the client interface - there is no direct connection to the database.

    Am I missing something in your question?

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