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Replicating QB reports not directly available in QQube | CLEARIFY

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Replicating QB reports not directly available in QQube

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  • Hello,

    I recently acquired QQube for our company, and things are doing great, being able to explore different data models and Excel templates very successfully.

    I´d like to ask for your help replicating some basic QB reports that don´t seem to be ready in the example list: 'Balance Sheet Detail' and 'Transaction Detail by Account'.

    I´d appreciate your help.

    Best regards,


  • Thank you for your comments.

    1. Balance Sheet Detail - We don't have that specific data model because it requires some "on demand" logic for the rollup of the retained earnings every year using our General Ledger Detail Model.  This is something on a future roadmap for us.
    2. Transaction Detail by Account - That one would be pretty simple using the General Ledger Detail Data Model.  In a pivot table or power pivot, the account would be the first column in the "Rows" area - followed by any other type of details that you want, such as document reference number, document date, line item description, class, source name, item, etc. etc. .  Of course the values/measures would be Debit, Credit, or Amount - or all three if you want.

    A slight word of caution when showing line item details over a fairly long time period, and a fairly large file.  Unless you have a ton of memory, it can really bog down refresh and display times.  Just the nature of the beast.

  • Thank you for the quick answer. And how can I handle "Banking - Previous Reconciliation" ?
  • Answered

    Not available from the Intuit SDK (Intuit Software Development Kit)

  • Ok, understood. But do you have any suggestions on how I can build a report similar to QB Bank Reconciliation, using the available data models? From GL maybe...

    Thank you

  • Currently there is no way to do this in QQube.  Without all of the details, yes, the Intuit SDK exposes a "cleared status" field, but in a manner that would add extensive reload resources every time a synch occurred.  They do not make this available on a transaction by transaction "table" basis.

    The Intuit SDK is full of nuances, and issues that have to be worked around  - which we have done for a variety of data models, over several decades.  To make this particular feature work, would require an isolated type of data model, using a different kind of engineering and resources, and is not an oft requested item.

    You are welcome to post a request in our suggestions and ideas forum.  Suggestions and New Ideas | CLEARIFY 

  • Ok, thank you for the reply.

  • Antonio,

    This is Fran, one of QQube's soution providers,  I am curious why you would like to replicate the Bank Reconcilation Report.  Are you considering using the information for other types of reports? While you can't get the exact report out of QQube, the information in a very general way is available.  QQube includes a "Paid" date and a "Paid status date for each appropriate transaction.  So you can generate detail reports on a cash/accrual basis.   

    QQube is very flexible when needing information locked in QB...  Hope that helps. 

  • Thanks a lot Fran. In fact, I didn´t need it for any special purpose other than the basic reconciliation check. As you suggested, 'Fully Paid Date' and 'Line Paid/Open Status' will fit perfectly. Thank you for your help.

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