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General Ledger Detail

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  • Hi,

    I´m setting up a variation of your General Ledger Detail report, on Excel, adding some of the available fields and filtering for a specific month.

    Is it possible to add a Balance column with the same behavior that I find in QB? i.e., for each account, begin with the balance of the previous month followed by an updated balance in each transaction row?

    Thank you

    Antonio Mussoi 

  • We don't do anything like that out-of-the box with General Ledger Detail.  

    In effect you are asking for a running total up to, and then another running total to include the "after" portion.  Of course the profit and loss accounts have to be cleared out by year - which adds a measure of complexity.

    Excel is limited in functionality when it comes to pivot table formulas. 

    I see several approaches to this:

    • Use DAX formulas in either Power Pivot or Power BI
    • Tie the trial balance to the general ledger detail.  However the trial balance would have to be dynamically extracted with the same date as you intend in Power Pivot or Power BI.  There is a mismatch here, because the General Ledger Detail is all line detail, whereas the trial balance is an aggregation for a snapshot in time.

    Maybe one of our Certified QQube Solution Providers can chime in here.

  • Hi Antonio,

    This could be done with DAX.  Running Totals. 

    Check ou this site...https://www.sqlbi.com/articles/computing-running-totals-in-dax/


  • Answered
    I'll add that learing to write the DAX for the running totals is very valuable - I use it to compute opening and ending balances so my pivot tables are complete roll-forwards
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