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Credentials for Custom Excel Sheets for Power BI

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  • Hello,

    I currently use QQube with Power BI and have scheduled "Refresh Visuals" every 24 hours. There is no issues with the credentials from QQube (User: QQubeUser Password: User), the issue is with the custom excel sheet that I've added to the Power BI dashboard no longer refreshing. This custom excel sheet (Sales Budget.xlsx) did not require credentials in the past and would refresh automatically. 

    Here is the error message that I'm getting:


    Please advise on how I can update the credentials for custom excel sheets added to Power BI.

    Thank you,




  • Answered

    I would check:

    1. Google Search - use "credentials for custom excel sheets added to Power BI"  quite a few hits. 
    2. Microsoft Power BI Forums
    3. Mr. Excel - they are great at answering stuff like this.

    It appears that you need to go to the Data Sources, and from there you can edit credentials - at least that is our best glean from the Google Search.

    There was one blurb worth repeating here:

    Step-by-Step Guide to Changing Data Source Credentials in Power BI

    Follow these simple steps to change data source credentials in Power BI:

    1. Open the Power BI service in your web browser or Power BI Desktop.
    2. In Power BI Service, navigate to the "Settings" gear icon and select "Datasets." In Power BI Desktop, go to "File" and then "Options and settings," followed by "Data source settings."
    3. Locate the dataset for which you want to change credentials and select it.
    4. Click on "Data source credentials" or "Edit Permissions" depending on the version you are using.
    5. Enter the new credentials and click "Sign in" or "Ok" to update the credentials.
    6. Save the changes to ensure that the new credentials are applied.

    Hope that helps.

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