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Ability to grab Last Data Refresh in Excel or Crystal | CLEARIFY - Page 1

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Ability to grab Last Data Refresh in Excel or Crystal

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  • It would be really great to be able to include somewhere in the worksheet the Last QQUBE Configuration Data Refresh..  Most users of Spreadsheets or Crystal won't know when data was last updated updated...  Would be real handy to inlude as one of the Date Fields. 

  • Answered

    QQube Release 5 will include a notice on the Excel Add-In showing the last update date/time and synch result.  There will be a button that allows you to go directly to the configuration tool to look at the logs in detail.

    With regard to Crystal, we have not yet decided if/how we will handle the more complicated aspects: e.g. somebody updates a particular subject for a particular company. This might be more complicated than just looking at the configuration tool or right clicking on the synchronizer to see the last synch date/time - regardless of company/subject.  If somebody is advanced enough to manually refresh a particular company/subject then maybe the additional 'warning' becomes cumbersome.

    We are looking for ideas.

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    Cool! Yes.... !

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