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Suggestion for Allowing Reporting of Subsets of Companies

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  • I'm sure many QQube users would love to see a way to easily report on subsets of installed QB companies for various reasons.

    In my situation, we have 20+ companies accounted for on QB. In general, I probably don't want roughly half of the companies included in my typical reporting. In some instances, I may want to report on all entities and in other instances I might want to report on US entities or entities which consolidate up to one corporate level or another, or several other possible slices....

    At present, I can either add a very cumbersome selection to each and every Excel or Crystal report which specifies each Company Name I want included or excluded or I can commandeer a field that I don't think is used for anything else in Company information to add a code of my own to get this done.

    My suggestion is to add one or more custom fields accessible in the Configuration Tool that would be appended to Company records in the QQube database. This will allow me to very easily filter based on whatever scheme I need and provide for future flexibility (i.e. what if a new entity is created? Do I need to modify the selection in all of my Excel reports?!?!).

    I think this feature would add a good bit of power to QQube and enhance the appeal of it for multi-company installations.



  • Answered

    Several options for you:

    (1) In QQube for QuickBooks Version 5, we now have the ability to filter by company before creating you pivot table; and you have the ability to change that on-demand.

    (2) Pivot Tables - or any Excel worksheet - can be locked down using the options in the Review Tab.

    (3) When you add companies to QQube, they will automatically be available.  If you filter a report to one company, the filter won't change on its own.

    Ultimately you should be using your report mechanism e.g. Excel, Crystal, Access to lock down what you want the user to see.

  • I see what Jim is trying to say. we are doing similar things outside QuickBooks & QQube database for that matter and then bringing them together to be able to be filtered within the QQube data. 

    We have multiple entities, some that are farms, some that are services entites, etc. At times I want to see only the farm entities consolidtated.

    Also, the same for GL accounts. I want to group GL accts from multiples entites into custom groupings.

    Same with items & classes.

    We call this "custom mappings"

    QuickBooks custom fields can be used to do some of this, but not by entity (company file)

    We are getting really creative with this

    in excel, we link to the qqube lists and create a static lookup table with the mappings that does a vlookup to the dynamic (linked) table. we then pull this worksheet into PowerPivot a link up to the QQube transaction tables.

    My quick explanation doesn;t do the process justice.

    In short, I'd love to see if QQube could implement a way to this for us. Jim makes a great point. I could explain in better detail later

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