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QQube Financial statement Analytic areas

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  • My suggestion is to do a slight re-arrangement as follows:

    • Financial Statements would include by class as well as the typical (image below) because, in practice I think most of us pick one OR the other and not both. (You may also consider making that an toggle so a user only picks one or the other
      I might also move the Profit and Loss detail up to this area
    • Following similar logic, ALL the QB enterprise options would be under a single menu and typically a user would pick only one of the Actuals/Budget/Forecast + Freestyle groups
      • with class
      • without class
      • 52/53 week
      • QQube Hierarchy of Analytic Choices


    Ernest D Cook Principal, Better Idea Group Office: (916) 774-2600 ext 101 IT’s time for a Better Idea
  • Answered

    We appreciate the thoughtfulness and well thought out comments.

    Here is our reasoning for our current setup:

    The wizard for first time users only allows class or no class - you can't choose both.  If the QB file has classes, it defaults to class financials.

    Profit and Loss Detail requires the pulling of all detail transactions, and can take a long time to pull the data.  All of the options underneath financial summary take just a short time to load; ditto for financial summary by class (with exception of tons of classes for balance sheet, because of how QB handles that).  

    Secondly, Profit and Loss Detail is more an afterthought for monthly financial reporting, as opposed to an integral part of that process. So, keeping it out saves unnecessary loading time.

    The wizard also hides whether the enterprise analytics are loaded, and there is no user choice at that time. If they have enterprise they get loaded with financials, or financials by class automatically.   Since they are also quick to load, time is minimally affected.

    In earlier versions we had put enterprise only analytics under one umbrella, but we encountered some customer confusion, and we also wanted the categories to be closer to what QB shows to ensure congruence and familiarity.

    With regard to 52/53 tax year, we found that some customers also wanted regular fiscal year financials - so an "either or" situation would leave the end-user without an option they need.

    We use the wizard initial interface as the gateway of what is to be loaded, and appropriately streams people in the correct direction for both usage and optimal loading time.. After the initial load, the customer then has choices to add - or subtract - what is necessary.


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