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Multi-Currency for QuickBooks Summary Financials | CLEARIFY

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  • Having read the wiki at: https://clearify.com/wiki/view/3327/currency leaves me wondering why none of the summarized financials subjects have information related currency data.

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  • Answered
    1. Multi-currency amount is by transaction.  Some companies take an average and multiply the aggregated period amount by account, but it is not wholly accurate.
    2. There is no way in the Intuit SDK to filter/run a financial summary report by a particular currency.  Financial summary reports are pulled according to the existing preferences in QuickBooks (which is another thing we can't get to).
    3. In a perfect world - where you could load all of the data quickly with a direct database connection, you might consider reverse engineering all of the general ledger details. However if you are using classes, it is impossible, because Intuit does not store the split line detail class amounts for A/R and A/P in the actual database.   QuickBooks calculates balance sheet by class on the fly, because of this - and so our only option for summary financials is to pull Intuit SDK "report pulls" to get the accurate information.  But then Item 2. comes into play.


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