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PANDL By Job Values Error in Power BI Refresh | CLEARIFY - Page 1

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PANDL By Job Values Error in Power BI Refresh

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  • Doing an Eval of v7, focus on Power BI on QBE.   Got one of your Power BI job cost examples to run pretty well, so I think I have some of the sync and password issues behind me. But when I try and run financial_pandl_job and do the refresh, the first table won't load, and it gives a "The Column 'Current Month Actual' of the table wasn't found" error. Is this an easy fix or deep in the weeds?


    Power BI Refresh Error from QQube



  • I am a certified consultant. Has anyone connected you directly to resolve this question?  If not feel free to book an introductory meeting with me and I can take a look


    Ernest D Cook Principal, Better Idea Group Office: (916) 774-2600 ext 101 IT’s time for a Better Idea
  • Answered

    Thanks, Ernest, I may do that, but as far as this ticket goes, was able to resolve the issue by increasing the number of analytic areas pulled over.  I did not spend time enough to debug the dependencies on it, but just sync'ing a bunch more cleared the issue.

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