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Error on initial refresh, bad Power Query | CLEARIFY

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Error on initial refresh, bad Power Query

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  • Trying to implement QQube for multi-company. Got the sync working OK, now trying Power BI. I have been using Power BI for longer than it has been Generally Available, started helping MS during the development stages, so I know Power BI inside and out. 

    When I go to refresh a Power BI model for the first time (Accounts Payable) I get a Refresh error: $ TRIAL BALANCE ACTIVITY BY CLASS; "The column 'Current Ending TB Amount' of the table wasn't found'.

    When I go to inspect the Power Query, the Navigation step bombs out with this error: "The table has no visible columns and cannot be queried. Details: vf_FINANCCIALTBCLASS"

    What is going on? Does anyone quality check this stuff?

    I'm new to QQube. How do I report this as an error?



  • Complete newbie here. I am weak on QQube and Power Bi, but I've been using and teaching QuickBooks Desktop from day one. I don't find this an error or bug, but maybe lack of communication on available data. Though QQube may have an article on this. I imagine that this is a limitation of QuickBooks, not QQube.

    The error is probably based on the fact that, while QBDT-Premier (not Pro) advertises that it provides a Balance Sheet by class, it only does so in very specific scenarios.  

    Think of this. An A/P bill is $1000, allocated between 2 classes. Subsequently, there is an A/P Payment of $500, on account. The assumption is that the bill credit to A/P is allocated too. Nope. It can only contain one class name. Then we assume that the $500 payment is allocated to A/P how? By %?  It just does not work. The only way to get class names in balance sheet transactions is to never have a split allocation.

    And check this out.


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