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Power BI refresh in QQube | CLEARIFY

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Power BI refresh in QQube

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  • Is power bi broke? I've upgrade both power bi and qqube i cannot refresh data. I get the following error.

    We couldn't retrieve the data model for this report Please Try again later.

    Documents Dates

    The column 'GLPLTXN Document Type' of the table wasn't found.

  • PowerBI is not broken

    Ernest D Cook Principal, Better Idea Group Office: (916) 774-2600 ext 101 IT’s time for a Better Idea
  • Answered

    You most likely received this if you installed on of our emergency releases for QuickBooks 2022 in late 2021

    We have a new database that you can retrieve to fix this issue, and can be obtained my submitting a private ticket to engineering support.

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