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Historical AR

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  • Hello,

    I am trying to create a report where I can filter by customer and see historical AR data in addition to the current AR.

    Ex: See current buckets and also what those buckets looked at the end of each of the previous 3 months.

    Do I need to build this model up from the transaction level or does someone have a recommendation of how I can do this with the example solutions?

  • Answered

    I know this is a late reply, but this is a good question to answer so that others might benefit.

    We can't reverse engineer an A/R report from the Intuit SDK - because certain pieces are missing, so we have to use the "report query" that the SDK makes available to get the appropriate A/R data.  We pass through the "as of date" you provide in the QQube Configuration Tool.

    The limitations of this method, is that you can't have more than one iteration of A/R on hand.  You could change the A/R data, and then put that on a different sheet in your Excel workbook, and then only refresh the current sheet with the current A/R data - and not refresh the others.  (You could also lock those other tabs in Excel).

    If you want to look at historical A/R in a general sense, you could use the Trial Balance Activity Data Model, as it shows monthly A/R balances going back three years.  A future version of QQube will be able to show the historical daily balance of open A/R - but not by specific customer at this time. 


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