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VF_FINANCIALPL is now blank

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  • We recently updated our QB desktop enterprise to the latest version. After doing so I updated QQube to the latest version. My reports are now broken. It seems that it's looking for VF_FINANCIALPL but that table is showing as blank. I have deleted and relinked the company as well as refresh all the data in QB by deleting all on sync start.

  • Craig, you might have a look at:

    Ernest D Cook Principal, Better Idea Group Office: (916) 774-2600 ext 101 IT’s time for a Better Idea
  • Answered

    The link that Ernest gave you regarding changes in Version 10 is pertinent, and should be looked at for anyone updating to Version 10, which was a major undertaking.

    Relatively few fields were changed (most were spelling), and many were added.

    The FACT tables like VF_FINANCIALPL did not change, so the best thing to do in that case, is just to submit the latest log using the Send to CLEARIFY button, and let an engineer assist.  It should be something very simple in the setup in the QQube Configuration Tool.

    I see you did this, and see that your issue has been resolved.

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