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Estimate Open Balance

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  • Is there any way to see an estimate open balance?

    Thank you

  • Answered

    In this instance, you can't really depend upon a customer always creating an invoice FROM the estimate.  That is, it is never a good idea to count on certain data entry rules.

    What you need to do is create a DAX formula at the JOB level.

    Using a word problem format you need the following logic:

    Give me only the jobs which show as active, and have greater than 0.00 estimate and greater than 0.00 invoiced.  This becomes a filter measure for you.  You can't filter out just greater than 0.00 invoiced, because it might be entirely possible to not have an estimate.  You need both filters.

    Additionally I don't know if you use more than one estimate for a job.  That could also create other logic issues.

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